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docker-mailserver - A fullstack but simple mailserver (smtp, imap, antispam, antivirus, ssl

  •    Shell

A fullstack but simple mail server (smtp, imap, antispam, antivirus...). Only configuration files, no SQL database. Keep it simple and versioned. Easy to deploy and upgrade. Before you open an issue, please have a look this README, the Wiki and Postfix/Dovecot documentation.

fail2ban - Daemon to ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors

  •    Python

Fail2Ban scans log files like /var/log/auth.log and bans IP addresses having too many failed login attempts. It does this by updating system firewall rules to reject new connections from those IP addresses, for a configurable amount of time. Fail2Ban comes out-of-the-box ready to read many standard log files, such as those for sshd and Apache, and is easy to configure to read any log file you choose, for any error you choose. Though Fail2Ban is able to reduce the rate of incorrect authentications attempts, it cannot eliminate the risk that weak authentication presents. Configure services to use only two factor or public/private authentication mechanisms if you really want to protect services.

fail2web - a fail2ban GUI powered by fail2rest

  •    Javascript

fail2web communicates with fail2ban via a REST server called fail2rest before fail2web can be used you will need an operational fail2rest instance. fail2web has been reported to work on IE8 or newer, but is not actively tested on older platforms.

vallumd - Centralize or distribute IPset blacklists

  •    C

This program allows you to centralize and distribute IP blacklists. If you maintain a server on the Internet, it's very likely you encountered one or more brute force attacks. Not a problem, just install fail2ban. Done.

docker-fail2ban - 🐳 Fail2ban Docker image based on Alpine Linux

  •    Shell

In Docker 17.06 and higher through docker/libnetwork#1675, you can add rules to a new table called DOCKER-USER, and these rules will be loaded before any rules Docker creates automatically. This is useful to make iptables rules created by Fail2Ban persistent. If you have an older version of Docker, you may just change F2B_IPTABLES_CHAIN to FORWARD. This way, all Fail2Ban rules come before any Docker rules but these rules will now apply to ALL forwarded traffic.

banisher - The Banisher watches your systemd journal and bans, with no delay, abusers.

  •    Go

The Banisher watches in real time your systemd journal and bans, via iptables, hosts who match on yours rules. Currently hosts (IP) are banished for 3 hours.

owncloud-fail2ban - Automated install for owncloud fail2ban configurations

  •    Shell

This is an automated installer and updater for fail2ban, which installs and updates fail2ban filters and sets the specific owncloud configurations. The script has been tested with owncloud 10.0.8 and Ubuntu, but may also run under other versions and distributions. If not, please let me know.


  •    Shell

This custom Fail2Ban filter and jail will deal with all scans for common Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and other Web Exploits being scanned for by automated bots and those seeking to find exploitable web sites. I hold no responsibility for any problems this may cause you. You need to have a thorough understanding of Fail2Ban especially whitelisting. You also need to make sure that if you have ANY of the plugins, templates, folders or files shown in these exploit scan signatures then make sure you stop using such plugins or themes and rename any folders or files to something more suitable. You could very easily block out yourself or your own users. Please take caution with this filter.

wordpress-fail2ban - WAF for WordPress with 60+ security checks

  •    PHP

Stop WordPress related attacks and trigger Fail2ban running on your server. Shared hosting has no server-wide banning (because of trust issues) but you can still install this software without Fail2ban to stop attacks by using one of the Miniban methods. See the Block WordPress attack vectors note in my other repository for an overview of the topic.

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