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model_mommy - Object factory for django

  •    Python

Model-mommy offers you a smart way to create fixtures for testing in Django. With a simple and powerful API you can create many objects with a single line of code.

mimesis - Mimesis is a fast and easy to use library for Python, which helps generate synthetic data for a variety of purposes in a variety of languages

  •    Python

Mimesis is a fast and easy to use library for Python programming language, which helps generate synthetic data for a variety of purposes in a variety of languages. This data can be particularly useful during software development and testing. For example, it could be used to populate a testing database, create beautiful JSON and XML files, anonymize data taken from a production service, etc. You can find the complete documentation on the Read the Docs.

qr-code - QR Code Generator

  •    PHP

This library helps you generate QR codes in a jiffy. Makes use of bacon/bacon-qr-code to generate the matrix and khanamiryan/qrcode-detector-decoder for validating generated QR codes. Further extended with Twig extensions, generation routes, a factory and a Symfony bundle for easy installation and configuration. Use Composer to install the library.

stampit - OOP is better with stamps: Composable object factories.

  •    Javascript

Stampit is a 1.3KB gzipped (or 2.7K minified) JavaScript module which supports three different kinds of prototypal inheritance (delegation, concatenation, and functional) to let you inherit behavior in a way that is much more powerful and flexible than any other Object Oriented Programming model. Stamps are standardised composable factory functions. Stampit is an infected compose featuring friendly handy API.

stamp-specification - The Stamp Specification: Composables

  •    Javascript

This specification exists in order to define a standard format for composable factory functions (called stamps), and ensure compatibility between different stamp implementations. A stamp is a composable factory function that returns object instances based on its descriptor.


  •    JQuery

A simple means of declaratively specifying options for widgets built with the widget factory.

SimpleObjectPool - Simple thread-safe object pool in Objective-C

  •    Objective-C

Simple implementation of a thread-safe object pool.When the pool is empty, it naively creates another object using the createBlock.

factory-js - Building JavaScript objects inspired by rosie.js and factory_girl

  •    CoffeeScript

Building JavaScript objects inspired by rosie and factory_girl. Factory can integrate with JavaScript framework persistence layer through Adapters.

angular-footballdata-api-factory - AngularJS Factory for the football-data.org JSON REST API

  •    Javascript

angular-footballdata-api-factory is an angularjs module with a football-data.org api factory.Include dependencies in your HTML.

angular-github-api-factory - AngularJS Factory for GitHub v3 JSON REST API requests

  •    Javascript

angular-github-api-factory is an angularjs module with a github api factory.Include dependencies in your HTML.

angular-youtube-api-factory - AngularJS Factory for Youtube JSON REST API requests

  •    Javascript

angular-youtube-api-factory is an angularjs module with a youtube api factory.Include dependencies in your HTML.

oraculum - The Enterprise Javascript MVC Framework.

  •    CoffeeScript

Oraculum is a javascript MVC framework and a collection of mixins for Backbone Models, Collections and Views written for FactoryJS. It inherits all of its application structure, many behaviors, and is generally inspired by Chaplin. Though a large portion of Oraculum's behavior is inherited from Chaplin, Oraculum employs a signficiantly different strategy surrounding the issues of inheritance, structure, and coupling. Applications built with Oraculum take full advantage of the aspect-oriented programming and composition paradigms offered by FactoryJS. The purpose of this project is to collect abstract, reusable behaviors into a framework that can be used by anyone building complex applications with Backbone.

AtomicDesign-Factories - AtomicDesign-Factories

  •    Javascript

Porém como estamos trabalhando com o Atomic Design vamos iniciar pelos átomos. Nessa minha arquitetura eu criei uma analogia dos átomos com os campos de um Schema, pois eles devem ser independentes para que possamos reusa-los.

jquery-plugin - Lightweight jQuery plugin factory based on jQuery.ui.widget

  •    Javascript

jQuery.plugin is a lightweight jQuery plugin factory based on jQuery.ui.widget. Basically, jQuery.plugin makes it easy to attach unique object instances to jQuery elements. It is also built with jQuery plugin development patterns in mind, which, among other things, includes options inheritance (with the ability to override within instances) and the ability to call methods on elements without breaking the chain (the exception being, of course, that your method returns something).

qr-code-bundle - Bundle for generating QR codes in Symfony

  •    PHP

This Symfony lets you generate QR Codes using the endroid/qr-code library. It provides the following features. Use Composer to install the library.


  •    Javascript

Factory library for Ember Data. Allows you to define and create factories instead of using fixtures. It is best used with the ember-testing package. Aside from the advantages of using factories instead of fixtures, by using Ember Data Factory in your tests, you will be able to create tests that are independent of your adapter. You can write tests using factories and run them with fixture adapter, and later switch to another adapter (such as RestAdapter, LocalStorageAdapter) to test integration with a specific backend.

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