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faceswap-GAN - A denoising autoencoder + adversarial losses and attention mechanisms for face swapping

  •    Jupyter

Adding Adversarial loss and perceptual loss (VGGface) to deepfakes'(reddit user) auto-encoder architecture. Here is a playground notebook for faceswap-GAN v2.2 on Google Colab. Users can train their own model in the browser without GPU required.

FaceDemo - A simple 3D face alignment and warping demo.

  •    C++

Please cite our paper if you use our code for your research. Given an image or a video sequence that contains a face, the program can align and warp the face to a 3D face model. The user can further rotate/translate the face, and adjust the camera projection (perspective projection or orthogonal projection). The program also provides different OpenGL rendering options. See "Usage" for details.

MirrorMirror - An expression training App that helps users mimic their own expressions.

  •    C++

This App is used for training users to mimic their best expressions. The App takes input from a webcam/video and displays the current expression along with its attractiveness and seriousness scores, computed in real-time. The user can specify a target expression to mimic. The App then shows three windows; the current expression, the target expression, and an aligned and a blended cross-fade between the two. The cross-fade oscillates between the target and current expression once per two seconds, so that the subject can examine differences between the two expressions. See Section 6 in the original paper for details. This software includes two modules: (1) Learning attractive/serious SVM models given expressions and annotations. (2) Expression Training App.