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ionide-vscode-fsharp - VS Code plugin for F# development

  •    F#

Part of the Ionide plugin suite. Read detailed documentation at Ionide docs page. F# (Windows) - Easiest way to install latest versions of F# on Windows is using VS Build Tools 2017. If you use VS 2017, make sure that you've installed workload adding F# support.

SAFE-BookStore - Working sample of a SAFE-Stack project with hot reloading

  •    F#

The following document describes the SAFE-Stack sample project. SAFE is a technology stack that brings together several technologies into a single, coherent stack for typesafe, flexible end-to-end web-enabled applications that are written entirely in F#. You can see it running on Microsoft Azure at http://fable-suave.azurewebsites.net.

elmish - Elm-like abstractions for F# apps

  •    FSharp

Elmish implements core abstractions that can be used to build applications following the “model view update” style of architecture, as made famous by Elm. The library however does not model any "view" and is intended for use in conjuction with a DOM/renderer, like React/ReactNative or VirtualDOM. Those familiar with Redux may find Elmish a more natural fit when targeting React or ReactNative as it allows one to stay completely in idiomatic F#.

fable-react - Fable bindings and helpers for React and React Native

  •    F#

Fable bindings for JS libraries maintained by the Fable team are in fable-import. However, that repository only contains pure bindings (which only have metadata and thus can be distributed just in .dll form), while libraries like Fable.ReactLeaflet contain actual code that must be compiled to JS, so they need to include also the sources in the distribution.Keeping the bindings for React JS libraries in this repository makes it easier to maintain them, even if each of the libraries has its own Nuget package.

samples-electron - Fable bindings and samples for Github Electron

  •    F#

This repository contains samples to show how to create a Github Electron cross-platform desktop app using F# and Fable.npm comes bundled with node.js, but we recommend to use at least npm 5. If you have npm installed, you can upgrade it by running npm install -g npm.

samples-pixi - Pixi samples for Fable

  •    CSS

Go to the src/particles folder to have a go. And make changes to the json located under public/img/emitter.json to see what you can do with particles.We also support Pixi-Sound, the official pixi sound API.

ts2fable - Parser of Typescript declaration files

  •    F#

Fable parser for TypeScript declaration files.Run the ts2fable command on a TypeScript file and also specify the F# output file. The F# namespace in taken from the output filename. In this example, it is Yargs.

parcel-plugin-fable - Parcel asset type plugin for Fable

  •    Javascript

Parcel will automatically include any dependencies listed in package.json that start with parcel-plugin-, so there is no additional configuration. On first build of a .fsproj or .fsx file, fable-splitter and babel-core will be added as dependencies and are responsible for transpiling to JavaScript. See the example for a complete project.

Fable.Template.Library - F# Template for create and publishing Fable Libraries

  •    F#

This is not difficult to do and usually only requires adding a tag to your project file (example), but you need to make sure all the sources get into the package with the proper directory structure. Also, take into account Fable will just make a simple XML parsing to extract the source files from the .fsproj, so you should avoid MSBuild conditionals, etc. Because Fable will compile your sources you must be careful with compiler directives too (like #if MY_SYMBOL, etc). Though you can use this to your advantage and do some logging in debug mode (#if DEBUG). And remember also that Fable will always define the FABLE_COMPILER symbol when compiling to JS.


  •    F#

A Fable module that allows the use of Fuse. See https://www.fusetools.com

alexa-fs - Build Alexa apps in F# on AWS lambda using Fable.io to compile to JS

  •    F#

alexa-fs is a lightweight library for writing Alexa skills in F# which are then compilled to JS via Fable. See the examples folder for more complete sample skills.

SAFE-Chat - IRC-style chat demo featuring full-stack F#, Akka

  •    F#

Sample chat application built with netcore, F#, Akka.net and Fable. FsChat supports both permanent users, authorized via goodle or github account, and anonymous ones, those who provide only nickname.

SAFE-Nightwatch - Demo of SAFE-Stack applied to React Native for cross platform native mobile apps

  •    F#

This is a demo application for React Native development in F# using Fable and the SAFE stack. SAFE is a technology stack that brings together several technologies into a single, coherent stack for typesafe, flexible end-to-end web-enabled applications that are written entirely in F#. On OS X/macOS, make sure you have OpenSSL installed and symlinked correctly, as described here: https://www.microsoft.com/net/core#macos.

SAFE-Stack.github.io - Website for Suave + Azure + Fable + Elmish aka SAFE-Stack

  •    CSS

Due to the many different combinations of .NET runtimes, F# versions, IDEs and F# Project Types, the following table can be used to quickly identify what runtime stack that are required in order to utilise different versions of the stack. Other = Ionide / Rider etc.

Fable.Parsimmon - Fable binding for the Parsimmon parser combinator library

  •    F#

Fable binding and helpers for the Parsimmon parser combinator library.

Fable.Remoting - Type-safe communication (RPC-style) for F# featuring Fable and .NET Apps

  •    F#

Fable.Remoting is a library that enables type-safe client-server communication (RPC) for Fable and .NET Apps. It abstracts away http and lets you think of your client-server interactions only in terms of pure functions and being only a part of the webserver. The library runs everywhere on the backend: As Suave WebPart, as Giraffe/Saturn HttpHandler or any other framework as Asp.net core middleware. On the client you can use Fable or .NET.

Fable.SimpleJson - A library for easily parsing and transforming JSON in Fable projects

  •    F#

A library for easily parsing and transforming JSON in Fable projects