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Pigo - Go implementation of Pico face detection library (Pico)

  •    Go

Pigo is a pure Go face detection library based on Pixel Intensity Comparison-based Object detection paper. The only existing solution for face detection in the Go ecosystem is using bindings to OpenCV, but installing OpenCV on various platforms is sometimes daunting. This library does not require any third party modules to be installed. However in case you wish to try the real time, webcam based face detection you might need to have Python2 and OpenCV installed, but the core API does not require any third party module or external dependency.

rest-your-eyes - Rest your eyes while your command runs 👀

  •    Javascript

Your screen will become bright again when the command finishes.Run your commands prefixed with rest.

heaven-and-hell - Emacs light/dark theme toggler

  •    Emacs

Heaven and Hell - emacs package for easy toggling of light/dark color themes. heaven-and-hell is available in Melpa.

sauron - :eyes: Reminds the user to take regular breaks and helps prevent eye strain

  •    Python

Sauron has great psychic powers, including the ability to "see" at great distances. Sauron reminds the user to take regular breaks and helps prevent RSI & CVS. Since it is nearly impossible for any computer users to remember that they have to take a break every 20 minutes, Sauron can help you in your mission.