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Website Screenshots & Thumbnails Extractor


WinForms application for extracting screenshots and thumbnails from the websites.

Data Extractor

  •    C++

The software tool, Data-Extractor, will be able to extract the content and meta-data of files and present the extracted information in a consolidated report.

Starfish Rez Extractor


simple , open-sourced .rez extractor , developed in Visual Basic 2010

Data Extracting SDK


Data Extracting SDK can help you to extract information from the web resources in a simple way.

NewPipeExtractor - Core part of NewPipe

  •    Java

NewPipe Extractor is a library for extracting things from streaming sites. It is a core component of NewPipe, but could be used independently.NewPipe Extractor is available at JitPack's Maven repo.

Extractor.scala - Make PartialFunction and extractors composable

  •    Scala

Extractor.scala is a library to convert between A => Option[B], PartialFunction[A, B] and extractor objects for pattern matching. You can also use .extract.seq to extract elements of a sequence data.

f43.me - A more readable & cleaner feed

  •    PHP

I'm reading a lot of feeds in the subway. Mostly when I go to work and when I come back home. We are lucky in Paris because we have data network in the subway, but sometimes, network is saturated and you can't load the webpage of an item of your feed. You're stuck with only 3 lines from the feed... That's why I've built a kind of proxy for RSS feeds that I read the most, called f43.me.

endl - 💾 Link Extractor and File Downloader

  •    CoffeeScript

endl is a Node.js module for extracting links from web pages and downloading them. endl has a very simple also an advanced API for link extracting, file downloading, executing and unzipping.

node-word-extractor - Read data from a Word document using node.js

  •    Javascript

There are a fair number of npm components which can extract text from Word .doc files, but they all appear to require some external helper program, and involve either spawning a process or communicating with a persistent one. That raises the installation and deployment burden as well as the runtime one. This module is intended to provide a much faster way of reading the text from a Word file, without leaving the node.js environment.

meta-extractor - Super simple and fast html page meta data extractor with low memory footprint

  •    Javascript

Super simple and fast meta data extractor with low memory footprint. If no callback provided returns a Promise.

thmclrx - :art: A theme color extractor module for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

A theme color extractor module for Node.js with ❤ and built on the top of Byakuren. There only three API in Node.js now.

react-native-opengraph-kit - A set of components and utils useful to extract opengraph data directly from your react-native app

  •    Javascript

A set of components and utils useful to extract opengraph data directly from your react-native app, with almost no dependency. ⚠️ 2.0.0 is a breaking change, the Parser is now returning an Array of results for all the URLs in the text analysed.

Youtube-dl-php - Download Youtube video from PHP

  •    PHP

This library is a PHP implementation of Youtube-dl for downloading video from Youtube and other sites. Youtube-dl has must be installed first.

System_Extractor-WIN - Extractor_Windows

  •    Batchfile

Added brotli support. Repack for android nougat N does not works, The repack process is complicated and cannot be automated with the script better look for guide.

RuiJi.Net - crawler framework, distributed crawler extractor

  •    CSharp

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. RuiJi.Net is a distributed crawl framework written in netcore.

ingredients - Extract recipe ingredients from any recipe website on the internet.

  •    Go

This is a Golang library for ingredient tagging and extraction for any recipe on the internet. This library compartmentalizes and improves aspects of recipe extraction that I did previously with schollz/meanrecipe and schollz/extract_recipe. You can use it online, just do GET https://ingredients.schollz.now.sh/?url=X where X is a URL to a recipe website.