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node-fs-extra - Node.js: extra methods for the fs object like copy(), remove(), mkdirs()

  •    Javascript

fs-extra adds file system methods that aren't included in the native fs module and adds promise support to the fs methods. It should be a drop in replacement for fs.I got tired of including mkdirp, rimraf, and ncp in most of my projects.

kakoune-extra - Extra scripts that implement experimental features, highlight custom files/languages


This repository contains several scripts for the kakoune code editor that were not eligible to be merged with the core scripts that kakoune ships with, but still implement useful experimental features or allow highlighting of custom file formats. Scripts are all fairly well commented, but those whose use require more than a quick sentence in an inlined comment have their own .asciidoc documentation file (e.g. fzf.asciidoc).

extra-life-api - A Node Wrapper for the Extra Life API

  •    Javascript

I've been doing Extra Life for 3 years now, and every year I've built a custom little website to send to family, friends, and coworkers to help collect donations. However, Extra Life has now released a public api that can be exposed for most any page by adding &format=json to the end of the profile's URL. This is great, but I still found it lacking in a couple areas, so I decided to build something that expands on it a bit, while also making it an easy to use node module for easy consumption.

termux-extra-packages - Extra packages for Termux (android terminal emulator)

  •    M4

Here are located build scripts and patches for packages which haven't been added to the official Termux repository. To use X11-enabled packages, you need to install VNC Viewer or XServer XSDL. If launching program from terminal, make sure that environment variable 'DISPLAY' is set to correct value, e.g. export DISPLAY=:1 when using TigerVNC or export DISPLAY= when XServer XSDL.

krajee-markdown-editor - A Boostrap styled markdown editor that offers configurable toolbar, live preview, export, fullscreen mode, and more features

  •    Javascript

A Boostrap styled markdown editor that converts a native HTML textarea to an advanced markdown editor. The editor offers live preview, export, full screen mode, and more features. The editor includes inbuilt support for markdown parsing using markdown-it JS based parser. However, the editor can support any markdown parser via javascript library / method or even a server based parser via an ajax action. Other markdown parsers are configurable (both as a server call OR a local JS method/library). In addition, the plugin allows custom button actions and properties to be setup. View the plugin documentation and plugin demos at Krajee JQuery plugins.

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