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deluge - Deluge BitTorrent client - Git mirror, PRs only

  •    Python

Deluge is a BitTorrent client that utilizes a daemon/client model. It has various user interfaces available such as the GTK-UI, Web-UI and a Console-UI. It uses libtorrent at it's core to handle the BitTorrent protocol. See DEPENDS and Installing/Source for dependency details.

jValidator - validates data streams

  •    Java

The Open Source solution for the validation and processing of data streams. The data quality firewall that validates streams like XML, EXI, Flat File Delimited and Flat File Fixed Position.


  •    JQuery

A new interface for jslint-toolkit using extaspnet.


  •    Javascript

The ExtRest engine uses a database repository to define your application's public REST interfaces. It listens for REST requests and calls user defined handlers. Native support is provided for typical ExtJS REST needs.

ExtJs Extender Controls

  •    ASPNET

A collection of Asp.net Extender controls wrapping the ExtJs Framework.


  •    LINQ

GotWell HRMS is a web-based open source human resource management system. It includes modules like Basis, Personnel, Attendance, Payroll, Leave, Overtime, Training, Recruitment, Authorization and so on. It's developed in C#, MVC, EXTJS, Linq and MS SQL 2005.

Ext Spec

  •    Javascript

Ext Spec makes unit testing Ext JS apps easy. Pick a test framework, plug in Ext Spec and start unit testing your classes - no other dependencies required*.

Sencha ExtJS Import Library for Script#

  •    CSharp

Script# import library for Sencha Ext JS Javascript Framework





  •    ASPNET

Abstraction library which enables the authoring of Ajax ScriptControl objects which can be consumed by both WebForms and MVC applications.


  •    ASPNET

ExtJS based professional ASP.NET 2.0 Controls. ExtAspNet has been renamed to FineUI.



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ExtJS 4 .Net Entity Framework 4


Simple to use support for Sencha's ExtJS 4 stores backed by Microsoft's Entity Framework 4.

extjs-ux - Some Plugins and Extensions for EXT JS 4

  •    Javascript

Some Plugins and Extensions for EXT JS 4


  •    Javascript

Ext JS 5 trigger implementation that adds a clear icon to textfields and comboboxes. A click on this icon clears the value of the field.

extclassgenerator - Ext JS code generator. Creating model js classes from java classes

  •    Java

Generator that creates Ext Javascript classes for Ext JS and Sencha Touch

grunt-extjs-dependencies - Figures out in what order to load your ExtJs app files and removes requires: [

  •    Javascript

Uses static analysis to figure out in what order to load your ExtJs app files. The task scans files for Ext.define calls (as well as some other things), parses out dependencies and saves a copy of each file with any requires: [...] removed in a temp dir.

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