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gh - GitHub command line tools made with NodeJS

  •    Javascript

All the power of GitHub in your terminal. The verbose flag is useful for debugging issues. The insane flag is a more complete verbose flag, which leaks more privacy sensitive data by default.

svgxuse - A simple polyfill that fetches external SVGs referenced in use elements when the browser itself fails to do so

  •    Javascript

A simple polyfill that fetches external SVGs referenced in <use> elements when the browser itself fails to do so. IE (9, 10, 11) fails to load symbol-defs.svg in the example above. svgxuse goes through every <use> element. If the element is referencing an external SVG and the browser has failed to load it, the script sends a GET request to grab and prepend the SVG to <body>.



This is a little utility to help with Job changes in FFXIV.

public-ip - Get your public IP address - very fast!

  •    Javascript

In Node.js, it queries the DNS records of OpenDNS which has an entry with your IP address.In browsers, it uses the excellent icanhaz service through HTTPS.

exorcist - Externalizes the source map found inside a stream to an external .js.map file

  •    Javascript

Externalizes the source map found inside a stream to an external .map file or stream. Works with both JavaScript and CSS input streams.

external - Fitting for load React components from an external BigPipe server.

  •    Javascript

But we also ship with a server-side framework implementation for BigPipe which makes it possible to serve the client and automatically format all the output in the expected HTML structure.The client-side component is composed from various of tiny modules and can be build using Browserify. It can be build-in to other browserify components by simply requiring the external module in your client-code.

ipify - Get your public IP address

  •    Javascript

Using the ipify API or a custom ipify instance.Returns a Promise for the IP address.

dsweeper - Don't let AppleDouble `._whatever` files into Dropbox folder.

  •    Javascript

A tool that doesn't let AppleDouble ._whatever files into folder that is kept on external HDD. Helps keeping Dropbox clean.I recently ran into an issue: AppleDouble files started taking over my Dropbox folder that is kept on external HDD. Some people hit the same issue (1, 2). This tool helps fixing the problem.

node-external-editor - Edit a string with the users preferred text editor using $VISUAL or $EDITOR

  •    Javascript

A node module to edit a string with a users preferred text editor using $VISUAL or $ENVIRONMENT. As of version 3.0.0, the minimum version of node supported is 4.

js-externals - External declarations for Kotlin/JS

  •    Kotlin

This repository contains sources of external declarations for Kotlin/JS. All libraries are available in the maven repository https://bintray.com/kotlin/js-externals/ with group id kotlin.js.externals and artifact id kotlin-js-<library-name>.

external-link-tester - Test the external links on your web app

  •    Javascript

Testing external links of your application, like documentation and partner website links, is important since if they break or change you'll probably only find out through your users. You can use External Link Tester in your CI system to make sure the external links your application uses are not broken. Just add the links you wish to test to the configuration file, have your CI system run the package and point it to the resulting JUnit report.

webpack2-externals-plugin - Webpack 2+ fork of Webpack-Externals-Plugin

  •    Javascript

Provides more powerful externals configuration options. The following webpack configuration considers all modules under the local node_modules/ directory as externals.

joomla-external-login - The External Login project allows Joomla! to manage external Authentication Servers

  •    PHP

The External Login project is the continuation of the Authentication Manager project, originally developed for Joomla! 1.5, and now compatible with Joomla! 3.x. Documentation can be found in the wiki pages. Simply execute ant on the command line and get the built packages in the build directory.

kube-metrics-adapter - General purpose metrics adapter for Kubernetes HPA metrics

  •    Go

Kube Metrics Adapter is a general purpose metrics adapter for Kubernetes that can collect and serve custom and external metrics for Horizontal Pod Autoscaling. It discovers Horizontal Pod Autoscaling resources and starts to collect the requested metrics and stores them in memory. It's implemented using the custom-metrics-apiserver library.

CounterSplit - External automatic splitting for Source engine games

  •    Lua

Counter-Split allows automated usage of external timer programs such as Wsplit, Llanfair and LiveSplit with Counter-Strike: Source. It is designed to provide the benefits of local timers such as tracking records and segments without the hassle of hosting and configuring a server-side timer, or the distraction of pressing hotkeys to manually advance splits.

ffi-bhop - Bunnyhop script for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with LuaJIT & FFI

  •    Lua

Script to automatically jump when hitting the floor while a hotkey is held down. Mainly designed and tested with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Alternatively, download a pre-compiled version from the releases page.

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