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jsinterop-generator - Generates Java annotated with JsInterop from JavaScript extern sources

  •    Java

The jsinterop generator is a java program that takes closure extern files as input and generates Java classes annotated with JsInterop annotations.This project is used for building Elemental2. Any other uses are experimental. You can use it to generate java APIs for other javascript libraries but we don't provide any official support. Feel free to open issues on the github issue tracker, though.

javascript-externs-generator - Generate externs for use with Google Closure Compiler

  •    Clojure

Note from the developer: The externs generator works pretty well for a wide selection of JS libraries, but there are many exceptions (see the issues for examples). I try to respond to and diagnose issues and I am glad to accept Pull Requests, but I am not actively using or maintaining this. This is a tool that generates an extern file detailing an object's properties, methods, and prototype. It's specifically meant for use with the Google Closure Compiler, which needs any variables defined outside of your code to be declared so that it won't rename or remove them.

pixi-haxe - Externs of Pixi.js for Haxe

  •    Haxe

Externs of Pixi.js v4.x for Haxe - A fast and lightweight 2D javascript rendering library that works across all devices. Found any bug? Please create a new issue.

haxe-howler - Externs of howler.js for Haxe

  •    Javascript

Externs of howler.js for Haxe - Modern Web Audio Javascript Library. Look at the samples folder for the source code of above example.