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ReverseExtension - A UITableView extension that enables cell insertion from the bottom of a table view

  •    Swift

UITableView extension that enabled to insert cell from bottom of tableView. It is difficult to fill a tableview content from bottom. So, ReverseExtension rotate both of UITableView and UITableViewCell like this images.

chrome-extensions-examples - All Chrome Extension examples collected into one repository

  •    Javascript

This is not an official mirror of the Chrome extension examples. Report any issues with the examples themselves to Google's issue trackers/forums. There is an ongoing effort to standardize the Extensions on different browsers, as discussed on MDN and defined in the WebExtensions Spec Draft. The resources on browser support and incompatibilities may be of interest.

HexColors - HexColors is an extension for UIColor and NSColor to support for creating colors from a hex strings

  •    Swift

If you want to use this in Objective-C jump to the 4.X version tag. If you want to use this in Swift < 3.2 use the 5.X version tag. How to use HexColors in the different systems.

UIView-Positioning - Easy property-based setting of frame properties in UIView objects

  •    Swift

UIView+Positioning is a Swift Extension which provides easy shorthand methods to defining the frame properties (width, height, x, y) of any UIView based object in an easy fashion, as well as extra helpful properties and methods.

hypopg - Hypothetical Indexes for PostgreSQL

  •    C

HypoPG is a PostgreSQL extension adding support for hypothetical indexes. An hypothetical, or virtual, index is an index that doesn't really exists, and thus doesn't cost CPU, disk or any resource to create. They're useful to know if specific indexes can increase performance for problematic queries, since you can know if PostgreSQL will use these indexes or not without having to spend resources to create them. For more information on this extension usage, you can see this blog post.

flask-caching - Continuation of the Flask-Cache Extension.

  •    Python

Adds easy cache support to Flask. This is a fork of the Flask-Cache extension.

quickwiki - :globe_with_meridians: A Google Chrome extension that allows users to preview articles on Wikipedia and other wikis

  •    CSS

A Google Chrome extension that allows users to become wiki-ninjas overnight by making it dead-simple to explore Wikipedia (or any other wiki on the web). When browsing Wikipedia or most wikis, simply Shift + Left Click any link to another wiki article to open it in a popup. To install, visit the extension page on the Chrome Webstore.

joi-date-extensions - Joi extensions for dates

  •    Javascript

Joi extensions for extra date rules.See the API Reference.

AlamofireReactiveExtensions - Alamofire with ReactiveSwift

  •    Swift

ReactiveSwift extensions are located behind the reactive property that is available in SessionManager, DataRequest, DownloadRequest, UploadRequest.Each SignalProducer returned from AlamofireReactiveExtensions cannot fail since the callbacks in Alamofire do not return errors. The convertion of the NoError response producer to a producer that can fail is left to the user.

pg_qualstats - A PostgreSQL extension for collecting statistics about predicates, helping find what indices are missing

  •    PLpgSQL

pg_qualstats is a PostgreSQL extension keeping statistics on predicates found in WHERE statements and JOIN clauses. This is useful if you want to be able to analyze what are the most-often executed quals (predicates) on your database. The powa project makes use of this to provide advances index suggestions.

powa-archivist - powa-archivist: the powa PostgreSQL extension

  •    PLpgSQL

This project is the core extension of the PoWA project, a PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer that gathers performance stats and provides real-time charts and graphs to help monitor and tune your PostgreSQL servers.

file-extension - Get the extension of a given filename or path

  •    Makefile

Works in Node.js and the browser. The module's size is currently 263 bytes gzipped.

super_module - SuperModule allows defining class methods and method invocations the same way a super class does without using def included(base)

  •    Ruby

Calling Ruby's Module#include to mix in a module does not bring in class methods by default. This can come as quite the surprise when attempting to include class methods via a module. Ruby offers one workaround in the form of implementing the hook method Module.included(base) following a certain boilerplate code idiom. Unfortunately, it hinders code maintainability and productivity with extra unnecessary complexity, especially in production-environment projects employing many mixins (e.g. modeling business domain models with composable object traits).

himawari-8-chrome - Experience the latest image from the Himawari 8 satellite

  •    TypeScript

Experience the latest image taken by the geostationary Himawari 8 satellite every time you open a new tab in Chrome or Firefox. The himawari satellite has been deployed by the Japan Meteorological Agency and takes photographs of Earth every 10 minutes. Since the new tab page is a simple web page, you can also try it online. 🛰 Get the extension from the Chrome web store or the Firefox Add-on gallery.

plpgsql_check - plpgsql_check is next generation of plpgsql_lint

  •    C

I founded this project, because I wanted to publish the code I wrote in the last two years, when I tried to write enhanced checking for PostgreSQL upstream. It was not fully successful - integration into upstream requires some larger plpgsql refactoring - probably it will not be done in next years (now is Dec 2013). But written code is fully functional and can be used in production (and it is used in production). So, I created this extension to be available for all plpgsql developers. If you like it and if you would to join to development of this extension, register yourself to postgresql extension hacking google group.