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  •    DotNet

Catharsis.Commons is a library of extensions for many common .NET types providing fluent interface to perform typical tasks in a single line of code

N2F Yverdon PHPMailer Extension


An extension to use the PHPMailer class(es) within your N2F Yverdon installation.

dotNetExt - .NET Extension Method Library

  •    DotNet

dotNetExt is a Extension Method Library for the .NET Framework that extends the BCL Types with helper methods that make simple tasks simpler. So far there are extensions for the Object, IEnumerable<> and String BCL Types. The library is flexible so you can Import All Extension...


  •    ActionScript

A Flex Pluggable Extension Framework

contao-easyupdate3 - Offline Fork from Contao Modul easyupdate for Contao 3

  •    PHP

Fork vom Contao Modul easyupdate. Ich habe das Modul für Contao 3 angepasst, um weiter damit arbeiten zu können. Translations are managed using Transifex. To create a new translation or to help to maintain an existing one, please register at transifex.com.

spokesman - It's a GitHub's notifications interpreter for Chrome

  •    Javascript

See listing in Chrome's store. To see the full list of events published by the GitHub API take a look to this link.

LOC-Extension - LibreOffice Cryptocurrency extension

  •    Python

The LOC extension allows you to create customized spreadsheets with cryptocurrency market data directly from the web. This version (0.2.3) provides 2 lookup functions: a dedicated getPoloniex() (for compatibility with version 0.1.0) and a generic ccxt() which uses an embedded snapshot of the amazing ccxt library. This means over 90 exchanges are now supported. The LOC extension is also available from the LibreOffice Extension Center.

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