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Winterfell - Generate complex, validated and extendable JSON-based forms in React.

  •    Javascript

Winterfell allows you to build up complex, multi-page forms with conditional questions, validation and conditional-page switching via a JSON schema, rendered by React. Winterfell was initially made for a project in a sector that required a large, complex form with questions that would result in more questions or different pages when you clicked next. With an easy to write schema and a high level of customisation, comes a great power.

Pext - Python-based extendable tool

  •    Python

Pext stands for Python-based extendable tool. It is built using Python 3 and Qt5 QML and has its behaviour decided by modules. Pext provides a simple window with a search bar, allowing modules to define what data is shown and how it is manipulated. For example, say you want to use Pext as a password manager. You load in the pass module, and it will show you a list of your passwords which you can filter with the search bar. When you select a password in the list, it will copy the password to your clipboard and Pext will hide itself, waiting for you to ask for it again.

is-extendable - Answers the question: "can this value have keys?"

  •    Javascript

Returns true if a value is a plain object, array or function. Also note that an extendable object is not the same as an extensible object, which is one that (in es6) is not sealed, frozen, or marked as non-extensible using preventExtensions.

RiverJS - the souse code for river.js

  •    Javascript

RiverJS is a simple framework fellowed CommonJS module1.1 standard and contains a extendable two-way binding template-enginee.


  •    Javascript

validate-this is a validation library that applies validation rules to structured form data. It also allows you to define your own validation rules. There are two ways to do your own validations: by using the satisfies validation, or by using defineValidator.

react-polymorph - React components with highly customizable logic, markup and styles.

  •    Javascript

React Polymorph is a UI framework for React, that separates logic, markup and theming of components. It's inspired by react-toolbox (but more flexible), powered by CSS Modules and harmoniously integrates with your webpack workflow, although you can use any other module bundler. Each component's skin that you apply to your component will receive its styles (css/scss) via a theme. React-polymorph comes with Simple themes & skins out of the box, but all themes are completely customizable.

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