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object-assign - ES2015 Object.assign() ponyfill

  •    Javascript

Node.js 4 and up, as well as every evergreen browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari), support Object.assign() 🎉. If you target only those environments, then by all means, use Object.assign() instead of this package.Assigns enumerable own properties of source objects to the target object and returns the target object. Additional source objects will overwrite previous ones.

deepmerge - A library for deep (recursive) merging of Javascript objects

  •    Javascript

Merge the enumerable attributes of two objects deeply. For the old array element-merging algorithm, see the arrayMerge option below.

jest-extended - Additional Jest matchers 🃏💪

  •    Javascript

Jest is an amazing test runner and has some awesome assertion APIs built in by default. However there are times when having more specific matchers (assertions) would be far more convenient. If you've come here to help contribute - Thanks! Take a look at the contributing docs as a way of getting started.

app-module-path-node - Simple module to add additional directories to the Node module search for top-level app modules

  •    Javascript

This simple module enables you to add additional directories to the Node.js module search path (for top-level app modules only). This allows application-level modules to be required as if they were installed into the node_modules directory.

xtend - extend like a boss

  •    Javascript

xtend is a basic utility library which allows you to extend an object by appending all of the properties from each object in a list. When there are identical properties, the right-most property takes precedence.

node-extend - Simple function to extend objects

  •    Javascript

node-extend is a port of the classic extend() method from jQuery. It behaves as you expect. It is simple, tried and true. Extend one object with one or more others, returning the modified object.

grunt-responsive-images-extender - A Grunt plugin that extends HTML image tags with srcset and sizes attributes

  •    Javascript

Extend HTML image tags with srcset and sizes attributes to leverage native responsive images. The responsive_images_extender task will scan your source files for HTML <img> tags and extend them with srcset and optional sizes attributes to leverage native responsive images as described in Yoav Weiss' article.

fixo - Composable JSON

  •    Javascript

Fixo is an extension to JSON parser, it allows you to extend and compose JSON objects.You could use Fixo for configuration files, test fixtures and other cases when you need to create complex objects with dynamic content.

class.extend - Copy/Paste node package implementation of John Resig's javascript object inheritance

  •    Javascript

Copy/Paste node package implementation of John Resig's javascript object inheritance

modify-values - Modify the values of an object

  •    Javascript

Modifies the values and returns a new object.Gets the value and key for each item and is expected to return the new value.

draft-extend - Build extensible Draft

  •    Javascript

Draft Extend is a platform to build a full-featured Draft.js editor using modular plugins that can integrate with draft-convert to serialize with HTML. The higher-order function API makes it extremely easy to use any number of plugins for rendering and conversion.Editor component on which to extend functionality with plugins created by createPlugin.

class-extend - Backbone like `Class.extend` for Node.js

  •    Javascript

.extend allow you to assign prototype and static methods.If no constructor method is assigned, the parent constructor method will be called by default.

deep - node.js utilities for manipulating deeply-nested data structures

  •    CoffeeScript

This library contains utilities for manipulating deeply-nested data structures. These functions only perform recursive traversal of arrays and "plain" objects, that is, those objects that were created using object literals ({}) or new Object. This function works by checking to see if the argument's constructor's name is Object.

object-mixin - ES6 next big thing polyfilled before it gets real

  •    Javascript

Should be compatible with all JavaScript ES3 or JScript engines. node.js module, AMD module, and generic env standalone file.

classtrophobic - Breaking JS Class Constrains

  •    HTML

Zero Runtime, Babel Proof, Classes. If you want to know more about this project use cases, and also why it was born in the first place, read the story in Medium.

jazzon - Add some jazz to your JSON files

  •    Javascript

Working with static JSON files for mocking data or whatever other purposes can be a real bore. Jazzon is a convenience utility for generating, concatenating and streamlining the handling of static JSON files. In and of it self jazzon does nothing, really. It's sole purpose is to call registered plugins with the current state and identified helpers. Helpers can be chained passing the current state from one to the next.