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algebra.js - Build, display, and solve algebraic equations.

  •    Javascript

Read the full documentation at the project site.Download algebra.min.js.

ReadableExpressions - A

  •    CSharp

ReadableExpressions is an extension method for the Expression class and set of Debugger Visualizers to produce readable, source-code string versions of Expression Trees. It targets .NETStandard 1.0 and .NET 4.0.An installer for a set of Debugger Visualizers which use the extension method for Expressions can be downloaded from the Visual Studio Gallery.

frep - A find and replace utility

  •    Javascript

Find and replace utility for node.js. Transform strings by running multiple RegExp or string find-and-replace patterns on a string in sequence, reducing the final string to the accumulated result of each transformation. Patterns can be strings (or arrays of strings) or regular expressions. Replacements can be strings or functions.


  •    Javascript

A module that parses a string as regular expression and returns the parsed value. Please post questions on Stack Overflow. You can open issues with questions, as long you add a link to your Stack Overflow question.

BigEval.js - Fully featured mathematical expression solving library

  •    Javascript

An alternative to JavaScript's eval() for solving mathematical expressions. It can be extended to use the Big Number libraries available to provide results with maximum precision. After including BigEval.js, the first step is to create an instance of BigEval. Then we can use the exec() method to solve an expression. See project page for a working example.


  •    Javascript

The shunting yard algorithm transforms a mathematical expression from infix notation into a reversed polish notation (postfix). An more in depth introduction to this algorithm you can get on Wikipedia.

regex-fun - Keep your regular expressions simple and maintainable by composing them with pure functions

  •    Javascript

Build regular expressions with functions. Functions return a regular expression without flags. If you want any flags, call the flags function last.

xeger - Library to generate random strings from regular expressions.

  •    Python

Library to generate random strings from regular expressions. Code borrowed and cleaned up from the python module rstr by Leap Frog Development <http://jpmens.net/2010/04/26/resty/>, in turn inspired by the Java library Xeger <http://code.google.com/p/xeger/>.

posthtml-expressions - Expressions Plugin

  •    Javascript

This plugin provides a syntax for including local variables and expressions in your templates, and also extends custom tags to act as helpers for conditionals and looping.

hex-color-regex - Regular expression for matching hex color values from string.

  •    Javascript

The best regular expression (regex) for matching hex color values from string. Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue. But before doing anything, please read the CONTRIBUTING.md guidelines.

ExpressionExplorer - A simple console application to explore and transform expressions using ExpressionVisitor

  •    CSharp

A simple console application to explore and transform expressions using ExpressionVisitor. Read the related blog post: IQueryable and Expression Trees.

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