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practicalnode - Practical Node.js, 1st and 2nd Editions [Apress] 📓

  •    Javascript

This is the manuscript (draft) and code for Practical Node.js, 2nd Edition [Apress, 2018]. It's work in progress and the draft will be completed in the end of 2017. For the code of the 1st edition, please visit 1st-edition.You can get final 2nd edition (pre-order now or buy when it's ready) at Apress: http://www.apress.com/us/book/9781484230381.

Fiber - Express inspired web framework written in Go

  •    Go

Fiber is an Express inspired web framework built on top of Fasthttp, the fastest HTTP engine for Go. Designed to ease things up for fast development with zero memory allocation and performance in mind. New gophers that make the switch from Node.js to Go are dealing with a learning curve before they can start building their web applications or microservices. Fiber, as a web framework, was created with the idea of minimalism and follows the UNIX way, so that new gophers can quickly enter the world of Go with a warm and trusted welcome.

tinyhttp - Mordern Express like Web Framework

  •    Typescript

tinyhttp is a modern Express-like web framework written in TypeScript and compiled to native ESM, that uses a bare minimum amount of dependencies trying to avoid legacy hell. It has Async middleware support and it is 2x faster than Express.

generator-express-no-stress - A Yeoman generator for Express.js based 12-factor apps and apis

  •    Javascript

Create awesome Express.js applications with best of breed tech including ES.next via Babel.js, structured logging with Pino, API validation and interactive documentation via Swagger, environment based config with dotenv, and linting with ESLint. generator-express-no-stress gets you up and running in seconds. It's ridiculously easy to configure. Heck, just take the defaults. Start it. Write code.

react-atmo - :sparkles: Custom react renderer for express js

  •    Javascript

React atmo is a custom renderer for express js. This is an experimental project, supports very minimal features and not suitable for production apps. But it's a great fit for creating mock APIs for demos and presentations.Start with the starter kit powered by backpack.

wit-cms - A file-based blog-aware content-management system for Express.

  •    Javascript

wit-cms is a flat-file, "blog aware", publishing platform for Express. It's designed for those who want WordPress-like functionality without the heft and attack-surface of a WordPress installation. It emphasizes simplicity, security, and performance. On application start, wit-cms loads all site content into an in-memory object, making it possible to serve content without reading a disk. This makes it faster than traditional database-backed content-management systems.

hootsuite-app-express - Sample Hootsuite app directory app using Express and Node.js

  •    Javascript

The Hootsuite dashboard is a tool which allows you to manage all of your social media in one place. A Hootsuite app uses the Hootsuite JavaScript SDK in order to extend the Hootsuite dashboard by adding custom integrations with other service and useful features for users. Hootsuite apps can either be free or monetized.

react-express-stripe - 💰 Minimal Boilerplate for Stripe used in React and Express

  •    Javascript

💰 Minimal Boilerplate for Stripe used in React and Express. Charge payments from your customers with this project.

express-lowercase-paths - An Express middleware module that will redirect user HTTP requests that contain uppercase letters, to the same URL converted to lowercase, without modifying query parameters

  •    Javascript

An Express middleware module that will redirect user HTTP requests that contain uppercase letters, to the same URL converted to lowercase, without modifying query parameters.


  •    Javascript

A quick and easy Node.js + Express + React 4 template project, using Twitter Bootstrap and React Router for creating a simple single page application. Also available for Jade.

Roxy-Fileman-for-Node.js - Roxy Fileman, upload and manage files with Node.js!

  •    Javascript

Roxy Fileman is free open source file manager for .NET, PHP and Node.js, ready for use with CKEditor and TinyMCE WYSIWYG html editors. It could be easily integrated into a CMS or any other web application. Fileman is based on JQuery and JQueryUI libraries and it's compatible with all modern browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safary and Opera. I believe in Unicorns 🦄 Support me, if you do too.


  •    CSS

MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js Fundamentals begins by demystifying the MEAN architecture. You will take a look at the features of the JavaScript technologies, frameworks, or libraries that make up a MEAN stack. You will learn how to develop a RESTful API using Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB Atlas. You will also learn how to build a blogging application using the MEAN stack. Next, you will learn about authentication using MEAN, and explore the features of Angular, such as pipes, reactive forms, modules and optimizing apps, animations and unit testing, and much more. By the end of the course, you will get all the knowledge you need to become a pro at developing efficient web applications using JavaScript technologies.

buttercms-js - Node/JS API client for ButterCMS (https://buttercms.com)

  •    Javascript

For a comprehensive list of examples, check out the API documentation. Requires node.js version 4 or greater.

getmein-web - Portal to get an invite to IIITV Github organization

  •    Javascript

Go to http://getmein.glitch.me to get an invitation to join this organization. Previously, joining the IIITV Organization was a bit tedious - create an issue in the iiitv/getmein repository and wait for the invite.

expressjs-k8s - Express.js microservice with a Dockerfile, Kubernetes YAMLs and a non-root user

  •    Javascript

Watch my latest video on OpenFaaS with the PLONK Stack, which is made up of Prometheus, Linkerd (optional), OpenFaaS, NATS, and Kubernetes.

tutorials.Media-Streams - :green_book: FIWARE 503: Introduction to Media Streams

  •    Shell

This is an Introductory Tutorial to FIWARE Kurento - a media server generic enabler used for the analysis and enhancement of video streams via WebRTC. The tutorial discusses the architecture of stream orientated systems, and demonstrates the key concepts behind the use of video streams, by discussing code written in Node.js. Alternative code examples,written in Java and client-side JavaScript are also available. The tutorial introduces a series of exercises which can be run directly from within a Docker container, no HTTP calls are required.

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