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apollo-server - :earth_africa: GraphQL server for Express, Connect, Hapi and Koa

  •    TypeScript

Apollo Server is a community-maintained open-source GraphQL server. It works with pretty much all Node.js HTTP server frameworks, and we're happy to take PRs for more! It works with any GraphQL schema built with the graphql-js reference implementation.Apollo Server is super easy to set up. Just npm install apollo-server-<variant>, write a GraphQL schema, and then use one of the following snippets to get started. For more info, read the Apollo Server docs.

express-graphql - Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Express.

  •    Javascript

Create a GraphQL HTTP server with any HTTP web framework that supports connect styled middleware, including Connect itself, Express and Restify.Use .get or .post (or both) rather than .use to configure your route handler. If you want to show GraphiQL in the browser, set graphiql: true on your .get handler.

json-graphql-server - Get a full fake GraphQL API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds.

  •    Javascript

Get a full fake GraphQL API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds. I'd love to learn GraphQL, but it seems that I first have to read a book about GraphQL Types and Queries, then install a gazillion npm packages.

generator-es6-graphql - Yeoman generator for an ES2015 enabled GraphQL Server

  •    Javascript

This yeoman generator enables you to quickly create an ES6 (ES2105) graphql enabled server with a lot of optional additions. The goal of this yeoman generator is to enable you to quickly set up an ES6 (ES2105) enabled GraphQL server without dependencies you do not need.

graphql-custom-types - A collection of custom GraphQL types like Email, URL and password.

  •    Javascript

This is a collection of custom GraphQL types that I tend to reuse quite often so I packed them into a module. Let me give you an overview of the available types. If you need more detail about how to use them, check schema.js in the tests folder.

productivity-backend - Productivity Application - Backend

  •    Javascript

Just clone this repo and then do yarn install or npm install to install all the dependencies. After installing all the dependencies just run yarn start:production or npm run start:production and the server will start listening at the specified port.

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