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expenses - 💰Expense tracker using Google Sheets 📉 as a storage written in React

  •    Javascript

💰Expenses is a progressive web application on top of Google Sheets 📉 written in React ⚛️. It is only a static HTML that works great on mobile 📱 and can be deployed anywhere.Check out the demo but please be considerate and don't break it for others.

Expense Tracker V2


Asp.net site to manage expenses on a daily basis.

odoo-mooncard-connector - Connector between Odoo (OpenSource ERP) and Mooncard (new-generation corporate cards)

  •    Python

This project is a connector between Odoo, the leading OpenSource ERP solution, and Mooncard, a new-generation corporate card solution. Mooncard has been launched in France in October 2016 ; it will be extended to other countries in the future.

swiggy-analytics - Analyse your swiggy orders

  •    Python

swiggy-analytics is CLI for fetching past orders from Swiggy and storing them in a local SQLLite DB. It also displays basic stats on your order history in the terminal, such as your most frequently order dish, your monthly expenditure, weekday wise distribution of orders and much more. For more advanced users, who wish to perform their own analysis, can do so by using the sqlite3 db file which is generated. NOTE: Only supported by Python3. Seriously, if you're still using Python2, please STOP. I've tested it on Python3.5+ on OSX and Ubuntu 18.04 Vagrant machine.

ej2-showcase-angular-expensetracker - This expense tracker demo application showcases using several Essential JS 2 components together in a real-world application scenario

  •    TypeScript

This expense tracker demo application showcases using several Essential JS 2 components together in a real-world application scenario. You can further explore the source code of this application and use it as a reference for integrating Essential JS 2 components into your applications. Check all the showcase samples from here.

TheCashster - Simple Expense Tracking App for Android with Google Sheets Sync

  •    Java

TheCashster is a simple Expense tracking software for Android. It is meant as a companion to TheBankster but should work fine alone. There are no categories to pick, no budgets to create or anything complicated. All your expenses are logged to a Google Sheets spreadsheet - that's where you can do whatever complicated reporting you want.

telegram-expense-bot - A bot that helps you manage and track your daily expenses.

  •    Javascript

This is a bot for the Telegram messaging app using their bot platform. The code is open-source and consequently anybody could set up an own instance of the bot. To learn how to do so, see this section. The official hosted version is available as @ExpenseBot. To learn more about this bot, please refer to this blog article or just send the bot a message with the /help command. This bot’s purpose is to help people manage their daily expenses and keep track of their financial situation. Users can add expenses from wherever they are using a few simple commands from within the chat and have an eye on how much they have spent in a month or a day. This obviates the need for confusing Excel spreadsheets or paper notes.

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