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This is a small logging library We created at developerpath.com to help us log exceptions. It write it to a text file and you can easilay open that txt.

Smart Logger

SmartLogger is a web service that can consume exceptions thrown from client applications. The exceptions can be categorized based on severity, applications and exception time stamp. It also includes a search feature to drill down the exceptions log based on search criteria. ...

Exception Reporter

ExceptionReporter is a .NET component that shows a dialog with detailed information on an Exception and the application/system running it. It allows the application user to copy, save and/or email a textual report of the incident.

Application Management Library

Application Management makes your application life easier. It will automatic do memory management, handle and log unhandled exceptions, profiling your functions, make your application single instance and also provide util functions to get system information.

.Net Exception Reporter

A reusable and extensible exception reporter for Microsoft .NET projects.


CuttingEdge.Logging is a library that helps programmers to output log statements to a variety of output targets in .NET applications. The design is based on the .NET 2.0 Provider Model. This means the library uses the same configuration and extensibility model.


CodePlex.Diagnostics provides a framework for exception publication and logging based upon the .NET 2.0 Provider design pattern.

Exceptional ReSharper Plugin

This is a plugin for great ReSharper product. The main purpose for that plugin is to aid developers to analyse thrown exceptions and provide some guidance about them. It introduces the notion of checked exception that you may know from Java to C#.

Dsl.scala - A framework to create DSL in Scala

Dsl.scala is a framework to create embedded Domain-Specific Languages in Scala. A DSL author is able to create language keywords by implementing the Dsl trait, which contains only one simple function. No knowledge about Scala compiler or AST macros is required.


For the un-nugetted, you can find the binaries for ExceptionReporter in the latest release. But note, there are now nuget dependencies for 2 libraries (DotNetZip,SimpleMAPI.NET) - so those libraries have to be referenced as well (included in the release binary).

react-error-guard - ⚛️An overlay for displaying stack frames based on create-react-app/packages/react-error-overlay

Firs install the package with yarn add react-error-guard (or npm i --save). Then you can consume the component like bellow. ℹ️ Notice: This component right now is only compatible with React 16. But there are plans to support React 15 but much more limited version, unstable_handleError.