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flask-restplus-server-example - Real-life RESTful server example on Flask-RESTplus

  •    Python

This project showcases my vision on how the RESTful API server should be implemented. I had to patch Flask-RESTplus (see flask_restplus_patched folder), so it can handle Marshmallow schemas and Webargs arguments.

Tutorial: ADO.NET Entity Framework (with Source Code)

  •    LINQ

Tutorial: ADO.NET Entity Framework (with Source Code) Find further explications and a mored detailed step-by-step guide on my Blog: http://jasondeoliveira.com

MyMediaStuff - Catel demo app

  •    WPF

MyMediaStuff is a demo application that shows some advanced features of Catel, an open-source MVVM Framework for WPF and Silverlight. For more information about Catel, visit http://catel.codeplex.com.

Model View Presenter (MVP) For Win Forms and ASP.NET Examples

  •    CSharp

Model-View-Presenter (MVP) is a great pattern for creating re-usable and testable applications whether it is for Windows Forms or for ASP.NET. You don’t need any DLL files at all to turn your project in to MVP project. You just need to follow some basic guidelines and rules.

Tutorial: ADO.NET Data Services (with Source Code)


Tutorial: ADO.NET Data Services (with Source Code) Find more explications and a more detailed step-by-step guide on my Blog: http://jasondeoliveira.com

calculator - Simple calculator built with React

  •    Javascript

Created with create-react-app. See the full create-react-app guide.

product-compare-react - React Example - Product Compare Page

  •    Javascript

Thank you for considering contributing! Please use GitHub issues and Pull Requests for Contributing.The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

cci-demo-rails - Example Ruby/Rails application running on CircleCI 2.0.

  •    Ruby

This is an example application showcasing how to run a Ruby on Rails app on CircleCI 2.0.

CppAndroidIosExample - An application example using the same C++ code on both an Android project and an iPhone project

  •    C++

An application example using the same C++ code on both an Android project and an iPhone project. You can clone the repo and run the iPhone project as well as the Android project. Following I'll explain step by step what I did, but first let take a look at this diagram.

docker-dashboard-example - Code repository for the Docker Dashboard Auth0 article

  •    Javascript

This is the code repository for the "Create a Docker dashboard with Typescript, React and Socket.io" article on Auth0.

iOS-daemon - Daemon examples for iOS devices


Daemon examples for iOS devices. Handles opening apps and simulating home and sleep button presses. See branches for implementations in C and Objective-C.

kmg - Knowledge Media Guide

  •    CSS

Systematization and recommendation service about professional Knowledge Media, supposed to be driven by community of experts. To be good specialists we have to know a lot about our profession and it's history. Otherwise we will reproduce all mistakes and reinvent all the wheels over and over again.

angular-openweather-app - A weather forecast app written in AngularJS

  •    HTML

Updated bundled angularjs lib from angular-1.2.0-rc.2 to angular-1.2.32 (latest of the 1.2 release series) + updated and fixed dependencies on karma and jasmine modules so that tests would run and pass again. "OpenWeather App" is a small AngularJS project that makes use of the OpenWeatherMap service for fetching and displaying weather data and forecasts based on a given location (city).

webapp-example - Example web-app using Directus

  •    CSS

Note: This example codebase will be updated over time to include more complex examples of SDK integration. A schema.sql file contains the entire database for both project and Directus tables. Simply create a new database, import this file into it, and create/update the config.php (copy: config.example.php). Finally, run composer install within the project directory to fetch the vendor files.

annotation-processing-example - It is the example project for the annotation processing tutorial.

  •    Java

Annotation processing has become one of the most important language features in the modern Java programming. Java supports annotation processing from the release of Java 5 but its full potential has been realized in the recent years. Annotation processing in simple words is used to generate files during compilation. This is a project aimed to help bootstrap new Android library for annotation processing. Feel free to fork this application.

ReactNativeTemplate - Our example of simple application using ReactNative and some recommendations

  •    Javascript

During our time developing mobile apps we have gathered some experience and preferences in architecture and libraries. We decided to gather it all in one project to share it with all community. So we created this template. We found out and combined the patterns and libraries to make a robust app that works properly on both platforms: Android and iOS. If you have not yet installed React Native, you can use this tutorial.

neo4j-ogm-university - Example Project for Neo4j OGM

  •    Javascript

This demo web application shows developers how to quickly get started with the Neo4j OGM library and Neo4j graph database. For the Spring Framework version of this application please check out SDN University. Hilly Fields Technical College is a fictitious educational institution. This application allows you to manage its departments, teaching staff, subjects, students and classes.

material-ui-Link-within-MenuItem - Example for how to use `react-router/Link` within `material-ui/MenuItem`

  •    HTML

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. This is an example app for this issue, which demonstrates using react-router's Link within material-ui's MenuItem with the containerElement prop.

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