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test-your-sysadmin-skills - A collection of *nix Sysadmin Test Questions and Answers for Interview/Exam (2018 Edition)


ℹ️ This project contains 250 test questions and answers that can be used as a test your knowledge or during an interview/exam for position such as *nix System Administrator. ✔️ The answers are only examples and do not exhaust the whole topic. Most of them contains useful resources for a deeper understanding.

Kaldin - Online Examination Software

  •    Java

Open source examination software for conducting any type of exam including online exam, pre-screening for colleges, universities and companies. Its Key features include Questions Categories, Question Papers, Open Exams, Results, Manage Users, Schedule Exam, Real-time notifications, analysis by user, exam and category with ability to download certificates.

certificationy - The core library to create tests and certifications

  •    PHP

This is provides a complete system to build multiple choice question system. This is useful for any company that need to test an applicant, or to make a certification website/training tool. Then, you need to load questions using a loader: for now only PhpArray and Yaml loaders are provided, but thanks to the Loader interface you can create your owns.

tcexam - TCExam is a CBA (Computer-Based Assessment) system (e-exam, CBT - Computer Based Testing) for universities, schools and companies, that enables educators and trainers to author, schedule, deliver, and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams

  •    PHP

FOR ANY USAGE THAT REQUIRES COMMERCIAL LICENSING TERMS, PLEASE CONTACT INFO@TECNICK.COM TO PURCHASE A LICENSE. TCExam includes some third-party software components that are not strictly required but have been included as you convenience, and if used are subject to their respective licenses.



OpenQuestions is the leading open source source for exam simulators. Main features: * All type of questions supported (single choice, multiple choice, open answers, matching, fill the gaps, etc) * Customisable appearance (look and feel) with themes. * Multi-lingual support.

OCA-Java-SE-7-Programmer-I - Exercises of the OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Study Guide (Exam 1Z0-803)

  •    Java

This repository contains my implementation of the exercises provided by the OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Study Guide.The OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Study Guide (E. Finegan, R. Liguori) has been designed to help you pass the Oracle's Java SE 7 Programmer I exam to achieve the OCA Java SE 7 Programmer Certification. The book contains coding examples, tests, exercises, and more. Its purpose is to familiarize you with Java fundamentals, concepts, tools, and technologies that will be represented on the exam.

cyberops - Cisco Press CCNA Cyber Ops Books and Video Courses supplemental information and additional study materials


Cisco Press CCNA CyberOps Books and Video Courses supplemental information and additional study materials. Whether you are preparing for the CCNA Cyber Ops certification or just changing careers to cyber security, this book will help you gain the knowledge you need to get started and prepared. When writing this book, we did so with you in mind, and together we will discover the critical ingredients that make up the recipe for a secure network and how to succeed in cyber security operations. By focusing on covering the objectives for the CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND exam and integrating that with real-world best practices and examples, we created this content with the intention of being your personal tour guides as we take you on a journey through the world of network security.

cka-exam-prep - Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam Preparation


It specifies a map of key-value pairs. For the pod to be eligible to run on a node, the node must have each of the indicated key-value pairs as labels (it can have additional labels as well). The “IgnoredDuringExecution” part of the names means that, similar to how nodeSelector works, if labels on a node change at runtime such that the affinity rules on a pod are no longer met, the pod will still continue to run on the node.

schsrch - Simple and intuitive CIE search engine

  •    Javascript

For a possible developmental set-up, see ./docker-compose-example.yml . BrowserStack supported this project by offering me free access to a variety of real iPhone / Mac devices for testing, which I couldn't have afford otherwise. Big thanks goes to them. Their platform allows you to test your website remotely with real devices running Android, iOS, Windows, OS X and even Windows Phone, just in your browser. There is a 30 minute trial for new users. I would recommend using that to see if your website runs nicely on all platforms.