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EverNote Dropper Tool

  •    DotNet

The overall purpose of this tool is to track all files which have been dropped from a ‘Source’ folder to the EverNote ‘Dropper’ folder.

Evernote Exporter


Evernote Exporter is a tiny desktop app that performs a scheduled backup/export of all your Evernote notes. Your notes are exported to a single .enex file, Evernote's official XML archive format.

People's Note

  •    C++

People's Note is a polished Windows Mobile note taking application with full-featured Evernote integration.


  •    Ruby

ever2boost is a CLI tool for conversion Evernote to Boostnote.Get Evernote developer token from here.

EverOrg - Evernote to Org mode migration tool

  •    Go

Due to the limited mobile support of Org mode, I’ve constantly switched between Org mode and a Evernote/Remember the Milk combination. As this changes now due to the initiative of MobileOrg v2, it’s time to migrate my stuff fully over to Org mode. One of the reasons of using Evernote was the possibility to export all of it’s content into XML. EverOrg uses these Evernote backup-files to generate Org mode files.