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node-eventstore - EventStore Implementation in node.js

  •    Javascript

Node-eventstore is a node.js module for multiple databases. It can be very useful as eventstore if you work with (d)ddd, cqrs, eventsourcing, commands and events, etc.

flow - Flow is a framework for building complex configurable message relays written in Golang

  •    Go

The Flow framework is a comprehensive library of primitive building blocks and tools that lets one design and build data relays of any complexity. Highly inspired by electrical circuit engineering primitives, it provides a clear and well-defined approach to building message pipelines of any nature. One can think of Flow as LEGO in the world of data: a set of primitive reusable building bricks which are gathered together in a sophisticated assembly. Flow can be a great fit in a SOA environment. It's primitives can be combined with a service discovery solution, external config provider etc; it can plug a set of security checks and obfuscation rules, perform an in-flight dispatching, implement a complex aggregation logic and so on. It can also be a good replacement for existing sidecars: it's high performance, modularity and the plugin system allows one to solve nearly any domain-specific messaging problem.

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