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EventStore - The open-source, functional database with Complex Event Processing in JavaScript.

  •    CSharp

The open-source, functional database with Complex Event Processing in JavaScript.This is the repository for the open source version of Event Store, which includes the clustering implementation for high availability.

laravel-event-projector - Event sourcing for Artisans 📽

  •    PHP

Event sourcing is to data what Git is to code 1. Most applications have their current state stored in a database. By storing only the current state a lot of information is lost. You don't know how the application got in this state. Event sourcing tries to solve that problem by saving all events that happen in your app. The state of your application is built by listening to those events.

eventstore - CQRS event store using PostgreSQL for persistence

  •    Elixir

CQRS event store implemented in Elixir. Uses PostgreSQL as the underlying storage engine. Requires Elixir v1.5 and PostgreSQL v9.5 or newer.

node-eventstore - EventStore Implementation in node.js

  •    Javascript

Node-eventstore is a node.js module for multiple databases. It can be very useful as eventstore if you work with (d)ddd, cqrs, eventsourcing, commands and events, etc.

event_bus - :surfer: Traceable, extendable and minimalist **event bus** implementation for Elixir with built-in **event store** and **event watcher** based on ETS

  •    Elixir

Traceable, extendable and minimalist event bus implementation for Elixir with built-in event store and event watcher based on ETS.

EventStore.Akka.Persistence - Event Store Journal for Akka Persistence

  •    Scala

Akka Persistence journal and snapshot-store backed by Event Store.Akka serializes your messages into binary data by default. However you can add your own serializer to serialize as JSON, But make sure you extend akka.persistence.eventstore.EventStoreSerializer rather then akka.serialization.Serializer. And in case you are really going to serialize as json, please specify ContentType.Json, it will allow you to use projections.

nodeCQRS - CQRS, EventSourcing, (DDDD) Sample in node.js

  •    Javascript

the source code is well documented to understand the core principles. As of today i know of three implementations for doing (D)DDD / CQRS in node.js. Building a codebase for production is a whole different thing to doing a little show case / demo code. If it can break - it will break.

hyperemitter - Horizontally Scalable EventEmitter powered by a Merkle DAG

  •    Javascript

HyperEmitter is a horizontally scalable and persistent EventEmitter powered by a Merkle DAG. (Yes, it's like a blockchain). In other contexts, this concept is also called an EventStore. HyperEmitter uses protocol-buffers, specifically mafintosh's implementation, for handling message schemas, although custom codecs are also supported. The example below can be found and ran from the examples folder; it demonstrates how to connect two HyperEmitters together and how they both receive all messages sent.

nodejs-EventStore - Node.js driver for Event Store

  •    Javascript

It has HTTP and TCP client interfaces -- this project implements the TCP interface in Node.js in an async fashion.

eventsource-api - Provides an eventsourcing high level API.

  •    Haskell

Home of an attempt to formalize eventsourcing. We use stack to build project under this repository.

eventstore - EventStore Haskell TCP Client

  •    Haskell

Note: If you use this client version >= to 1.1, it will only supports EventStore >= 4.0.0. Tests are available. Those assume a server is running on and 1113 port.

lambda-database-experiment - Experimental event store database entirely written in Haskell

  •    Haskell

Experimental event store database entirely written in Haskell. The main goal is learning. Database programming is full of interesting algorithms and challenges. There is no plan for going production ready but it will be definitely cool if it happens someday. This project assumes a 64bits Unix system and the build tool stack installed. The project is developped mainly on Mac OSX and Linux based distributions. For now, nothing prevents the project from being built on Windows. That being said, Windows will never be officially supported.

goes - Go Event Store TCP Library

  •    Go

GOES is an Event Store golang TCP Library for Go. Licenced under MIT.

memstate - In-memory event-sourced ACID-transactional distributed object graph engine for

  •    CSharp

In-memory event-sourced ACID-transactional replicated object graph engine. What? Can you say that again? Ok, it's an application server that keeps all your data in RAM. It runs without a database because all the transactions are recorded in a log and used to restore the state of the application at startup or when setting up a replica. You define the object model, commands and queries using C#. Besides being very simple Memstate is also very fast and will outperform any relational database. Your data fits in RAM. Moving bits and pieces back and forth between disk and memory is slow, difficult to maintain and error prone. Use Memstate to structure and manage your data in-memory, providing transparent persistence, high performance, high availability, concurrency control and transactions with strong ACID guarantees.

event_bus_postgres - 🐘 Postgres event store for event_bus

  •    Elixir

Listen and save event_bus events to Postgres. Module docs can be found at https://hexdocs.pm/event_bus_postgres.

rxeventstore - RxEventStore is a module for persisting and querying data using the Event Sourcing pattern and RxJs

  •    Javascript

RxEventStore is a module for persisting and querying data using the Event Sourcing pattern and RxJs. Redis and PostgreSQL are currently supported as data stores. The redis driver also has the ability to project the event log onto any other redis data structure.

event-sourcing-castanha - An Event Sourcing service template with DDD, TDD and SOLID

  •    CSharp

Castanha is a Service Template for helping you to build evolvable, adaptable and maintainable Event Sourcing applications. It follows the principles from the Clean Architecture book and has a Domain built on Domain-Driven Design. It is easy for you to start your new microservice based on its guidelines and patterns. The implementation result of the Clean Architecture is a software that encapsulate Business Rules in Use Cases and the Enterprise Rules in Entities. Also the Use Cases are independent from details like User Interface, Data Access, Web Server or any external agency.

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