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Invoke-Phant0m - Windows Event Log Killer

  •    PowerShell

This script walks thread stacks of Event Log Service process (spesific svchost.exe) and identify Event Log Threads to kill Event Log Service Threads. So the system will not be able to collect logs and at the same time the Event Log Service will appear to be running. I have made this script for two reasons. First, This script will help to Red Teams and Penetration Testers. Second, I want to learn Powershell and Low-Level things on Powershell for cyber security field.

PowerShell EventLogWatcher Module


A PowerShell module that provides some additional functions to enhance PowerShell Eventing in relation to Windows Event Log events. Subscriptions can be made and actions taken when new events are written to a log. In a sense, this can be used as "poor mans" auditing system.



eventlog2mongodb makes it easier for windows system administrators to have a centralized location for windows events, and the types of events logged to mongoDB are configurable. eventlog2mongodb is designed to run as a windows service and is developed in C#.

InstallerFramework: Benutzerdefinierte Setups


Das InstallerFramework ist eine Bibliothek, mit der benutzerdefinierte Setups in jeder Programmiersprache erstellt werden können. Es können zum Beispiel Dienste, EventLogs und Verknüpfungen installiert werden. InstallerFramework wurde in C# für das .Net Framework 3.5 geschrieben.

pmap - Process Map Visualization in R

  •    R

The goal of pmap is to provide the functionality of generating a process map from an event log with the user's preference. However, based on the CRAN policy, a developer shouldn't submit a package to CRAN more than once within a month, therefore the GitHub repo will be the primary release channel, and the package will be submitted to CRAN only when it is possible. That is, the package version in CRAN can be a bit outdated.