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eventemitter3 - EventEmitter3 - Because there's also a number 2. And we're faster.

  •    Javascript

It's a drop in replacement for existing EventEmitters, but just faster. Free performance, who wouldn't want that? The EventEmitter is written in EcmaScript 3 so it will work in the oldest browsers and node versions that you need to support.We've upgraded the API of the EventEmitter.on, EventEmitter.once and EventEmitter.removeListener to accept an extra argument which is the context or this value that should be set for the emitted events. This means you no longer have the overhead of an event that required fn.bind in order to get a custom this value.

eventemitter4 - And the debate goes on

  •    Javascript

##1. Synopsis EventEmitter4 is an alternative to node's built-in EventEmitter class, and to the existing alternatives EventEmitter2 and EventEmitter3 that should make your own code easier to debug.

dead-simple - :skull::bulb: Dead simple PubSub and EventEmitter in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Small, readable, almost-tweetable modules utilising classic patterns in modern language. This project started a pair of gists which included a hand minified version, too.