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midi-eye - Ruby MIDI input event listener

  •    Ruby

The listener will try to positively match the parameters you pass in to the properties of the messages it receives. In this example, we specify that the listener listens for note on/off messages, which are identifiable by their class.

default-passive-events - Makes {passive: true} by default when EventListenerOptions are supported

  •    Javascript

50 lines snippet that enables passive event listeners by default for some events (see list below). It basically will set { passive: true } automatically every time you declare a new event listener. Check the demo page for a working example.

ng2-events - Supercharge your Angular2+ event handling

  •    TypeScript

The recommended way is to only import the sub-modules for the features you need. Every module can either be imported from the package root or from its own sub-folder. Using deep imports is recommended if you only want to use a few of the modules in this library and your package manager does not support tree-shaking. The event handler is called when an event is fired outside of the element and its children.

react-native-listener - A utility component to allow easy access to browser native events

  •    Javascript

A utility component to allow easy access to browser native events. Please don't confuse this library with anything to do with React Native. This library is for dealing directly with browser native events.

transceiver - Channel based event bus with request/reply pattern, using promises

  •    Javascript

Channel based event bus with request/reply pattern, using promises. For node & browser. Channels can be accessed from everywhere using transceiver module. By default, making a request (using channel.request()) on a channel returns a Promise which is resolved by the specified handler (with channel.reply()), on the same channel.

docker-registry-ui - Docker Registry UI

  •    Go

No TLS or authentication implemented on the UI web server itself. Assuming you will proxy it behind nginx, oauth2_proxy or something. The configuration is stored in config.yml and the options are self-descriptive.

observer - Golang event emitter and listener with builtin file watcher package.

  •    Go

Go event emitter and listener with builtin file watcher package. This observer implements event emitter and listener pattern in go, the observer register a list of listener functions and implement an event emitter, once an event is emitted, all listener functions will be called.

javascript-without-jquery - Tips and practical examples


Tips and practical examples, from the CatsWhoCode post. Pure JavaScript features various way to select elements. All of the methods below work on all modern browsers as well as IE8+.

vue-pseudo-window - 🖼 Declaratively interface window/document/body in your Vue template

  •    Javascript

PseudoWindow is a functional component that returns exactly what's passed into it. By using it as the root component, its contents will pass-through.

vue-event-handler - Event handling plugin for VueJS

  •    Javascript

A Vue.js plugin that provides a global event bus and a couple helper methods. Works with both Vue 1.0 & Vue 2.0.

smart-custom-element - Smart a lightweight web component library that provides capabilities for web components, such as data binding, using es6 native class inheritance

  •    Javascript

JavaScript library that wraps the W3C standard Web Components family of APIs to provide a compact, feature-rich interface for Custom Elements development. Smart Custom Element provides a set of useful API, Data Binding, Templates, Device Agnostic Event Handling, Resize handling, Style Change Notifications, Property and Attribute Change Notifications, Property Value and Type validation, Localization, Lifecycle callback functions and much more. Our framework allows you to easily build Custom HTML Elements. Custom Elements are the web platform's native solution for component-based development. With Custom Elements, you get reusable HTML tags that can be used just like the browser’s built-in native html elements, or break your app up into small pieces, making your code cleaner and easier to maintain.

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