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jDelayedAction - jQuery plug-in to allow a delayed reaction to an event

  •    JQuery

This is a jQuery plug-in that allows the creation of an event (or multiple event) handler with a delay that can be extended or canceled before reacting.



OSSEventManager is a winform tools for SharePoint Event Handler deployment.

Show SharePoint Version in Office Documents


The “Show SharePoint Version in Office Documents” solution can be used to extract version information stored in SharePoint document libraries and display it within Microsoft Office documents

ng2-events - Supercharge your Angular2+ event handling

  •    TypeScript

The recommended way is to only import the sub-modules for the features you need. Every module can either be imported from the package root or from its own sub-folder. Using deep imports is recommended if you only want to use a few of the modules in this library and your package manager does not support tree-shaking. The event handler is called when an event is fired outside of the element and its children.

layabout - A small event handling library on top of the Slack RTM API.

  •    Python

Layabout is a small event handling library on top of the Slack RTM API. You can think of Layabout as a micro framework for building Slack bots. Since it wraps Slack's RTM API it does best with tasks like interacting with users, responding to channel messages, and monitoring events. If you want more ideas on what you can do with it check out the examples.