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message-io - Fast and easy-to-use event-driven network library.

  •    Rust

message-io is a fast and easy-to-use event-driven network library. The library handles the OS socket internally and offers a simple event message API to the user. It also allows you to make an adapter for your own transport protocol following some rules, delegating the tedious asynchrony and thread management to the library. Managing sockets is hard because you need to fight with threads, concurrency, full duplex, encoding, IO errors that come from the OS (which are really difficult to understand in some situations), etc. If you make use of non-blocking sockets, it adds a new layer of complexity: synchronize the events that come asynchronously from the Operating System.

eda - eda is a library for implementing event-driven architectures.

  •    Go

eda is a library for implementing event-driven architectures. It provides a thin layer on top of backends that support ordered, durable streams with a publish/subscribe interface. The current implementation uses NATS Streaming as a backend. The library is in an Alpha stage and looking feedback and discussions on API design and scope. Check out the issues for topics.

serverless-cqrs - Sample CQRS example using AWS Lambda

  •    Javascript

Every deploy (sls deploy) will create a Serverless instance that can be managed through a dashboard. Find sample command/query requests in the smoke.sh file in each service directory. To see the database, access the DynamoDB console.

napalm-logs - Cross-vendor normalisation for network syslog messages, following the OpenConfig and IETF YANG models

  •    Python

napalm-logs is a Python library that listens to syslog messages from network devices and returns strucuted data following the OpenConfig or IETF YANG models. The outgoing objects are published via ZeroMQ, Kafka, or other usual transport options. It is easy enough to switch between transports and pluggable to add others such as Google Datastore, RabbitMQ, etc.

amazon-eventbridge-resource-policy-samples - Learn more about Amazon EventBridge resource policies and multi-account event bus topologies

  •    Python

Amazon EventBridge resource policies that make it easier to build applications that work across accounts. Resource policies provide you with a powerful mechanism for modeling your event buses across multiple accounts, and give you fine-grained control over EventBridge API invocations. This repository contains sample implementations for Amazon EventBridge resource policies.

attribute-events - 🔥 Fire events on attribute changes of your Eloquent model

  •    PHP

Eloquent models fire several handy events throughout their lifecycle, like created and deleted. However, there are usually many more business meaningful events that happen during a model's life. With this library you can capture those, by mapping attribute changes to your own event classes. The attribute events will be dispatched after the updated model is saved. Each event receives the instance of the model through its constructor.

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