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roof-bus - cool event bus

  •    Javascript

roof-bus is a event bus for both practical programmers and application architects. It can be used as a simple string-based event bus whitout any buy-in in small apps. When handling large apps, especially the one with complex business logic, its powerful features like Listener Sequence Control can help you keep the system low-coupled and flexsible during the growth. roof-bus is really easy to get start with, check the code below. I don't think it need any explaination.

transceiver - Channel based event bus with request/reply pattern, using promises

  •    Javascript

Channel based event bus with request/reply pattern, using promises. For node & browser. Channels can be accessed from everywhere using transceiver module. By default, making a request (using channel.request()) on a channel returns a Promise which is resolved by the specified handler (with channel.reply()), on the same channel.

vue-events - Simple event handling for Vue.js

  •    Javascript

A Vue.js plugin that simplify events. Works with both Vue 1.0 & Vue 2.0.

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