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presto-ethereum - Presto Ethereum Connector -- SQL on Ethereum

  •    Java

Presto is a powerful interactive querying engine that enables running SQL queries on anything -- be it MySQL, HDFS, local file, Kafka -- as long as there exist a connector to the source. This is a Presto connector to the Ethereum blockchain data. With this connector, one can get hands on with Ethereum blockchain analytics work without having to know how to play with the nitty gritty Javascript API.

crypto-whale-watching-app - Python Dash app that tracks whale activity in cryptocurrency markets.

  •    Python

Welcome! This is a Python-based Dash app meant to track whale activity in buy / sell walls on crypto-currency exchanges (presently just operational for GDAX, but more exchanges to come). This document aims to explain the purpose, functionality, and future of this project. Please do share this with your fellow coders / traders / crypto-aficionados, donate via the donation addresses included in the "Support Needed" section below, and contribute to the future of this project by calling out issues, requesting new features, and submitting pull requests to improve the app. If you want to use a hosted version of the app, check out this link here which has been graciously hosted by a member of the Ethereum community while we raise money via donations to migrate to AWS. If for any reason the page does not load properly, feel free to let us know via an issue, but more than likely it is because we are updating to the newest version of the codebase or performing maintenance.

vote-hyperledger-ethereum - Voting DApp using Web3, Solidity, Hyperledger Fabric and Chaincode EVM

  •    Shell

With few clicks, run smart contracts from Solidity onto Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that is embedded into Hyperledger Fabric to compiles these contracts as bytecode, of course, with the help of the chaincode. Make sure to have the following prerequisite tools are installed on your machine: NPM, Node, Go, Docker. Their versions used for this code (respectively): v6.4.1, v10.10.0, v1.9.3 darwin/amd64, v18.06.1-ce.

gethexporter - Monitor your Geth Ethereum Server with Prometheus and Grafana

  •    Go

Monitor your Ethereum Geth server with Prometheus and Grafana. Checkout the Grafana Dashboard to implement a beautiful geth server monitor for your own server, or you can just import Dashboard ID: 6976 once you have GethExporter up and running. Run this Prometheus Exporter in a Docker container! Include your Geth server endpoint as GETH environment variable.


  •    Go

Autonity is a generalization of the Ethereum protocol based on a fork of go-ethereum. The go-ethereum library (i.e. all code outside of the cmd directory) is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0, also included in our repository in the COPYING.LESSER file.

vue-web3 - 🐙 Web3 blockchain bindings for Vue.js (inspired by Vuefire and Drizzle)

  •    Javascript

The above will bind the Vue instance's lastUpdated and transfers to the respective Web3 data sources. In order to get updates from the blockchain, this library requires a provider that supports subscriptions. MetaMask does not currently inject a provider with this support, this is being tracked via metamask-extension/2350.

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