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blynk-library - Blynk library for embedded hardware

  •    C++

Blynk provides iOS and Android apps to control any hardware over the Internet or directly using Bluetooth. You can easily build graphic interfaces for all your projects by simply dragging and dropping widgets, right on your smartphone. Blynk is the most popular IoT platform used by design studios, makers, educators, and equipment vendors all over the world. Please find examples on how to use different types of connections (transports) and how to do make something great with Blynk. You can easily apply any type of board/connection to all examples.

Sming - Sming - Open Source framework for high efficiency native ESP8266 development

  •    C++

Sming is an asynchronous C/C++ framework with superb performance and multiple network features. Sming is open source and is tailored towards embedded devices. It supports multiple architectures as ESP8266 for example. Please note Version 4 documentation is at sming.readthedocs.io.

esp-mqtt - MQTT component for esp-idf projects based on the lwmqtt library

  •    C

This component bundles the lwmqtt client and adds a simple async API similar to other esp networking components. The component will automatically enable the LWIP receive buffers.

esp32free80211 - Send arbitrary IEEE 802.11 frames with Espressif's ESP32

  •    C

This project is now obsolete, please use esp32-80211-tx instead. esp32-80211-tx makes use of Espressif's esp_wifi_80211_tx API and is compatible with the latest esp-idf version. I'm still keeping this repository up since some niche use cases might not be compatible with the new esp_wifi_80211_tx API and because lots of sites link to this page. If you still want to use esp32free80211, please be advised that this project is currently incompatible with the latest version of esp32-wifi-lib. In order to get this working, you will need to downgrade to an older version, tested with esp32-wifi-lib git commit ffe5a4c14fe9c933c776fadc62fa9d409929e6f9.

SparkFun_ESP8266_AT_Arduino_Library - WiFi and TCP drivers for an ESP8266 running AT firmware.

  •    C++

An Arduino library for the SparkFun ESP8266 WiFi Shield. This library makes it easy to connect to WiFi networks, and also implements TCP/IP client and server. Please use, reuse, and modify these files as you see fit. Please maintain attribution to SparkFun Electronics and release anything derivative under the same license.

ESP_AT_Lib - Communicate with ESP8266 from host MCU using AT parser library

  •    C

ESP-AT Library commands parser is a generic, platform independent, library for communicating with ESP8266 Wi-Fi module using AT commands. Module is written in C99 and is independent from used platform. Its main targets are embedded system devices like ARM Cortex-M, AVR, PIC and others, but can easily work under Windows, Linux or MAC environments.

esp32 - Build your own toolchain to develop, test, build and finally deploy a Golang controller to your ESP32 device

  •    Makefile

Build your own toolchain to develop, test, build and finally deploy a Golang controller to your ESP32 device. The Arduino IDE is easy to use. But I faced problems like maintainability and testability at more complicated IoT projects. I needed to compile and flash the ESP32 before testing my code functionality by doing it 100% manually.

WiFiManager - WiFi manager for ESP8266 - ESP12 - ESP32 - micropython

  •    Python

Upload main.py and wifimgr.py to ESP. Write your code into main.py or import it from main.py.

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