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butternut - The fast, future-friendly minifier

  •    Javascript

Butternut is significantly faster than other JavaScript minifiers, and works with the latest version of JavaScript (ES2015, aka ES6, and beyond). It's typically around 3x faster than UglifyJS with default minify options, and 10-15x faster than Babili.The compression is better than Babili and closure-compiler-js (in standard compilation mode — you can get better results with Closure in advanced mode, but only by writing your code in a very particular way). It's almost as good as Uglify in its current version.

core-js - Standard Library

  •    Javascript

It's documentation for the unstable core-js@3, if you looking documentation for core-js@2, please, check this branch. Modular standard library for JavaScript. Includes polyfills for ECMAScript 5, 2015, 2016, 2017: promises, symbols, collections, iterators, typed arrays, many other features, ECMAScript proposals, some cross-platform WHATWG / W3C ECMAScript-related features and proposals like setImmediate. You can load only required features or use it without global namespace pollution.

es-next - stage-0 to stage-4 ECMAscript proposals.


stage-0 to stage-4 ECMAscript proposals.

esnextbin - :boom: Create browser programs in ESNext code and import modules from NPM in browser

  •    Javascript

Create browser programs with ES2015's latest features and use modules from NPM directly in your browser.Under the hood it's pure client-side application which is hosted on GitHub pages and is built upon React.js.

language-babel - ES2017, flow, React JSX and GraphQL grammar and transpilation for ATOM

  •    CoffeeScript

Language grammar for all versions of JavaScript including ES2016 and ESNext, JSX syntax as used by Facebook React, Atom's etch and others, as well as optional typed JavaScript using Facebook flow. This package also supports highlighting of GraphQL language constructs when inside certain JavaScript template strings. For .graphql and .gql file support please see language-graphql . The colour of syntax is determined by the theme in use. By default the language-babel package will detect file types .js,.babel,.jsx, .es, .es6, .mjs and .flow. Use the standard ATOM interface to enable it for other file types. This provides a grammar that scopes the file in order to colour the text in a meaningful way. If other JavaScript grammars are enabled these may take precedence over language-babel. Look at the bottom right status bar indicator to determine the language grammar of a file being edited. language-babel will be shown as either Babel or Babel ES6 JavaScript. Clicking the name will allow the grammar for a file to be changed.


  •    Javascript

The blazing fast, batteries-included ES2015 compiler

ast-util - Utilities for AST transformers.

  •    Javascript

Utilities for AST transformers. Returns a call to Array.prototype.slice with node as the context and begin and end as the arguments to slice.

node-lambda-babel-template - A minimal template for an ES2015+ Node

  •    Javascript

This project adds webpack and Babel to @motdotla's node-lambda-template so you can run the lastest version of Javascript on AWS Lambda. babel-preset-latest is automatically included, but you can easily add additional presets and plugins.

grunt-traceur-build - Compiles ECMAScript 6 (harmony) files, optionally merging and generating source maps

  •    Javascript

Grunt task that uses google traceur compiler to build ECMAScript 6 (harmony) projects, optionally merging and generating source maps. Almost all options are passed to the traceur compiler directly, see the section below for the default values.

node-stream-to-async-iterator - ES async iterator wrapper for node streams

  •    Javascript

stream-to-async-iterator provides a wrapper that implements Symbol.asyncIterator. This will allow streams to be usable as async iterables that can be used in for-await-of loops. Supports node.js 4 and up.

atom-react-snippets - esnext React snippets

  •    Javascript

An Atom snippet library for React. This library uses ES6 syntax, if you would prefer ES5 or Coffeescript snippets please use the Atom React Package. In this version the PropTypes snippets prefix has changed to _pt instead of rp. All snippets have two versions to allow for required and not required types.

fromentries - Object.fromEntries() ponyfill (in 6 lines)

  •    Javascript

Existing polyfill packages (like object.fromentries) pull in a bunch of dependencies and adds over 8 KB to the browser bundle size. This allows them to work in ES3 environments like IE6, but it's also overkill; almost no one supports IE6 anymore. I'd rather not ship tons of extra code to website visitors. A polyfill for this feature can be implemented in a few short lines of code using modern language features. That's what fromentries (this package) does.

proposal-global - ECMAScript Proposal, specs, and reference implementation for `global`

  •    HTML

Spec drafted by @ljharb. This proposal is currently stage 3 of the process; however, due to web compatibility concerns, it is on hold pending a new global identifier name.