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eslint-config-auto - Automatically configure ESLint based on project dependencies

  •    Javascript

This project got created because I got tired of managing eslint in multiple different projects and trying to keep them all vaguely in sync. It will automatically configure the most appropreate version of the airbnb eslint rules and a curated selection of plugins based on the contents of your project's package.json file each time you run eslint. When you add a new library to your project, the associated plugin will get automatically included. The aim here is to include a range of mostly reasonable plugins, whilst not being overly restrictive. The recommended configs for each plugin are used with a few exceptions for rules that have been disabled for appearing unduely restrictive or conflicting with other plugins. If you use Prettier then all the formating rules are also omitted by including eslint-config-prettier.

eslint-disable-probot - A bot that comments on PRs that try to disable certain eslint rules

  •    Javascript

A GitHub App built with probot that comments on pull requests that try to disable eslint rules. Simply install the app and the bot will keep 👀 on PRs that have eslint-disable comments.

coding-standards - Human Made coding standards for modern code

  •    PHP

This is a codified version of the Human Made style guide. We include phpcs and ESLint rules. The final . here specifies the files you want to test; this is typically the current directory (.), but you can also selectively check files or directories by specifying them instead.

eslint-plugin-i18n-json - Fully extendable eslint plugin for JSON i18n translation files.

  •    Javascript

Fully extendable eslint plugin for JSON i18n translation files. ability to ignore certain keys. Example: metadata keys, in progress translations, etc.

eslint-config-idiomatic - ESLint config for the idiomatic js style

  •    Javascript

An ESLint shareable config for the idiomatic js coding style. Ensure your source code adheres to the idiomatic js coding style by linting your code with ESLint. Hook ESLint into your editor and build pipeline for maximum effect.

eslint-plugin-prefer-object-spread - ESLint rule for suggesting that object spread properties be used instead of Object

  •    Javascript

ESLint rule for suggesting that object spread properties be used instead of Object.assign(). Add prefer-object-spread to the plugins section of your .eslintrc configuration file, and configure the rule under the rules section.

eslint-plugin-optimize-regex - Optimize regex literals

  •    Javascript

Note: If you installed ESLint globally (using the -g flag) then you must also install eslint-plugin-optimize-regex globally. Then configure the rules you want to use under the rules section.

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