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ledge - An RFC compliant and ESI capable HTTP cache for Nginx / OpenResty, backed by Redis

  •    Lua

An RFC compliant and ESI capable HTTP cache for Nginx / OpenResty, backed by Redis. Ledge can be utilised as a fast, robust and scalable alternative to Squid / Varnish etc, either installed standalone or integrated into an existing Nginx server or load balancer.

connect-esi - ESI tag processor for the connect framework

  •    CoffeeScript

The purpose of connect-esi is to provide simple Edge Side Includes (ESI) processing via a post request filter on top of the connect framework. This package is in its early stages and still needs some work. As with any of our projects, constructive criticism is encouraged.

esi-knife - ESI Knife

  •    Python

It's like jackknife, but for ESI. This will fetch all data about your character, your corporation and/or alliance that it can from ESI. It will compress and save this content into a file, which you could then share and/use with other applications.

GESI - Google Sheets ESI Add-on

  •    TypeScript

Google Sheets add-on for interacting with EVE ESI API. NOTE: Libraries do not update on their own. When a new version of GESI is released, you will have to manually update the version dropdown in the Libraries modal.

esi-test-server-docker - A dockerized version of Akamai's Edge Side Includes Test Server (ETS).

  •    HTML

This container runs the Akamai Edge Side Includes (ESI) Test Server. The container OS is Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr. Configuration is set via command-line arguments passed via the docker run command.

caddy-esi - Middleware for Caddy Server integrating ESI (edge side includes) tags with parallel loading

  •    HTML

This plugin implements partial ESI Edge Side Includes support for the Caddy Webserver to allow data retrieving from heterogeneous backends aka. micro services. This plugin has the pre-beta status and we need some users who tests it with various other middlewares on either their test server or even in production. The plugin has been running currently for a couple of weeks on https://cyrillschumacher.com. So far it runs smoothly. Please test it and report bugs in the issue tracker.

evedata - EVE Data Website

  •    Go

See @antihax on #devfleet #tweetfleet Slack. Before working on your local copy, please use a seperate branch. If there are tests in the package, please make sure you add tests for your work, unless it will hit a public CCP service.

goesi - Go client for EVE Online ESI and SSO using versioned endpoints

  •    Go

One client should be created that will serve as an agent for all requests. This allows http2 multiplexing and keep-alive be used to optimize connections. It is also good manners to provide a user-agent describing the point of use of the API, allowing CCP to contact you in case of emergencies. Caching is not implimented by the client and thus it is required to utilize a caching http client. It is highly recommended to utilize a client capable of caching the entire cluster of API clients.

mock-esi - Mock of CCP ESI API server for testing.

  •    Go

Mock version of CCP ESI for testing. Change your baseURL to inside your tests.

js2esi - Bidirectional JavaScript <-> ESI converter

  •    Python

Convert Javascript to from from ESI (Edge Side Includes). Write javascript code that will compile to ESI and run at the Edge. js2esi is a tool that can compile js 'lite' into Edge Side Includes (ESI) using the compiler of the same name, js. The language is, at it's core, nothing more than syntactic sugar to make ESI coding simpler. As a result, it is limited to the exact same constraints as ESI is. It does, however, also provide some more advanced features, such as modularization and inlining, that get resolved during compilation. The js dev must always be aware that js is converted to ESI, be aware of those limitations, and review the resulting ESI to ensure compatibility and correctness.