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Fiorano ESB - Enterprise Service Bus

  •    Java

Fiorano ESB enables application integration by choreographing Microservices into asynchronous flows via the Fiorano Studio and associated tools. The Component Control Protocol (CCP), a wire-level protocol, allows the asynchronous communication between the ESB server and micro services being choreographed/orchestrated into application flows. The transport is pluggable and any available JMS engine may be used such as Apache ActiveMQ, JBOSS, TIBCO, IBM, RabbitMQ and FioranoMQ.

MentDB - Mentalese Database Engine

  •    C

The platform provides tools for AI, SOA, ETL, ESB, database, web application, data quality, predictive analytics, chatbot ..., in a revolutionary data language (MQL). The server is based on a new generation of AI algorithm, and on an innovative SOA layer to reach the WWD.

mini ESB


Este es un proyecto de ejemplo para construir un ESB utilizando tecnologías .NET

Lokad.CQRS - build scalable enterprise apps on Windows Azure

  •    DotNet

C#/.NET stand-alone library that features a CQRS engine (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) for Windows Azure, CQRS clients, cloud views and event sourcing. Lokad.CQRS also emphasizes DDD (Domain Driven Design). Tier 1 project used in production in three products at Lokad.

Distributed Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) Event System


The Web Solutions Platform (WSP) event system is a general-purpose distributed publish/subscribe event system designed for high performance and low latency. Publish/subscribe is a common communication pattern though there are many variations to solve different scenario require...

Simple Service Bus


Simple Service Bus (SSB) is a fork of Udi Dahans popular open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) : nServiceBus


  •    DotNet

Simple and extendable central mediator for integration bus applications using WCF.



Keystroke ESB.NET is a lightweight distributed Enterprise Service Bus with federation support. Featuring WCF and WWF integration, whilst also supporting WSE3 and Raw HTTP, ensuring backwards compatibility, ESB.NET is a flexible and configurable service host & business level messa

Shuttle Service Bus


Shuttle Service Bus is a free open-source software project that aims to provide an enterprise ready service bus without any restrictions.

ESB Toolkit Extensions


ESB Extensions is a solution containing multiple .Net Projects and artifacts: Unit Tests, Itineraries, Business Rules, Binding Files, and C# Class Libraries. This solution is geared towards extending/wrapping the current Microsoft ESB 2.0 toolkit and components.

MassTransit.js - a node.js port

  •    Javascript

node.js adapter for MassTransit Service Bus

sagdevops-ci-assets - Software AG DevOps library to support assets CI (continuous integration) with webMethods 9

  •    XSLT

sagdevops-ci-assets is a library that easily enables CI for your webMethods projects. You can setup your infrastructure in minutes and then deploy flowlessly on your test service while also checking the quality by running all tests uploaded your version control. Prepare your webMethods installation - your build server can contain only a plain IntegrationServer with Deployer. Keep the server plain - there is no need for designer or database connection. Your test server can be more complex as CI will execute unit and integration tests against it. The build and the test server must reach each other over http so that the deployment and the testing can be performed.

webmethods-sample-project-layout - Sample project layout for webMethods assets

  •    HTML

The best way to start your webMethods project would be to fork this repo directly in github. This will allow you to directly have a set-up copy of layout that will be completely under your control. This sample webMethods project layout should serve as a template for organising webMethods projects. It contains demo Integration Server packages with flow services and wM Unit Tests that are covering those. Fork the repository to easily create fundament for you webMethods project.

DeFiBus - DeFiBus=RPC+MQ,安全可控的分布式金融级消息总线。

  •    Java


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