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sage - WordPress starter theme with a modern development workflow

  •    PHP

Sage is a WordPress starter theme with a modern development workflow. See a working example at roots-example-project.com.

awps - A Modern WordPress Starter Theme for savvy Developers

  •    PHP

This theme relies on NPM and Composer in order to load dependencies and packages. Webpack should always be running and watching during the development process, in order to properly compile and update files.

javascript - Screencast code, script and all the AJAX you can eat for the modern JavaScript Tutorials on KnpUniversity

  •    PHP

This repository holds the screencast code, script and all the AJAX you can eat for the Modern JavaScript Tutorials on KnpUniversity. First, make sure you have an app/config/parameters.yml file (you should). If you don't, copy app/config/parameters.yml.dist to get it.

testable-code - Example code for the talk "How (Not) to Write Testable Code" at WordCamp Nuremberg, 2016

  •    PHP

This repository contains example code for the according talk at WordCamp Nuremberg, 2016. The first part of the talk is about unit testing. After a short summary, you can see several unit test examples. This repository includes the complete and fully documented versions of the presented PHP unit tests as well as the respective JavaScript unit tests.

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