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json3 - A JSON polyfill. Looking for new maintainers.

  •    Javascript

JSON 3 is a JSON polyfill for older JavaScript platforms. The current version is 3.3.2. Special thanks to cdnjs and jsDelivr for hosting CDN copies of JSON 3.

aight - JavaScript shims and shams for making IE8-9 behave reasonably

  •    Javascript

es5-shim, which implements all of the Array prototype methods in the ES5 spec, and other goodies. Both the shims and shams are included. The ie8 and dom4 collections, courtesy of Andrea Giammarchi. My fork of ie8 maintains compatibility with IE9, and dom4 provides Event and DOM JavaScript interface compatibility for any browser.

bliss - Blissful JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Want to use Vanilla JS but find native APIs a bit unwieldy? Bliss is for you.

json5 - JSON5 — JSON for humans

  •    Javascript

The JSON5 Data Interchange Format (JSON5) is a superset of JSON that aims to alleviate some of the limitations of JSON by expanding its syntax to include some productions from ECMAScript 5.1. This JavaScript library is the official reference implementation for JSON5 parsing and serialization libraries.

es5-shim - ECMAScript 5 compatibility shims for legacy (and modern) JavaScript engines

  •    Javascript

es5-shim.js and es5-shim.min.js monkey-patch a JavaScript context to contain all EcmaScript 5 methods that can be faithfully emulated with a legacy JavaScript engine. Note: As es5-shim.js is designed to patch the native Javascript engine, it should be the library that is loaded first. es5-sham.js and es5-sham.min.js monkey-patch other ES5 methods as closely as possible. For these methods, as closely as possible to ES5 is not very close. Many of these shams are intended only to allow code to be written to ES5 without causing run-time errors in older engines. In many cases, this means that these shams cause many ES5 methods to silently fail. Decide carefully whether this is what you want. Note: es5-sham.js requires es5-shim.js to be able to work properly.

language-babel - ES2017, flow, React JSX and GraphQL grammar and transpilation for ATOM

  •    CoffeeScript

Language grammar for all versions of JavaScript including ES2016 and ESNext, JSX syntax as used by Facebook React, Atom's etch and others, as well as optional typed JavaScript using Facebook flow. This package also supports highlighting of GraphQL language constructs when inside certain JavaScript template strings. For .graphql and .gql file support please see language-graphql . The colour of syntax is determined by the theme in use. By default the language-babel package will detect file types .js,.babel,.jsx, .es, .es6, .mjs and .flow. Use the standard ATOM interface to enable it for other file types. This provides a grammar that scopes the file in order to colour the text in a meaningful way. If other JavaScript grammars are enabled these may take precedence over language-babel. Look at the bottom right status bar indicator to determine the language grammar of a file being edited. language-babel will be shown as either Babel or Babel ES6 JavaScript. Clicking the name will allow the grammar for a file to be changed.

Countries - Countries, Languages & Continents data (capital and currency, native name, calling codes)

  •    Javascript

Continents & countries: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code, name, ISO 639-1 languages, capital and currency, native name, calling codes. Lists are available in JSON, CSV and SQL formats. Also, contains separate JSON files with additional country Emoji flags data. This version changes a lot in the data structures, and placement of the files. So, if your projects depend on the old structure — specify previous versions, <2.0.0.

poly - Small, fast, awesome

  •    Javascript

poly.js is the a collection of UMD modules that shim (aka "polyfill") old environments to support modern (aka "ES5-ish" and "ES6-ish") javascript. (Previous poly module can be found as poly.shell)


  •    Javascript

A library for passing data structures between sandboxed environments in the browser via postMessage.

aws-sign-web - Plain JavaScript AWS Signature v4 for use within Web Browsers

  •    Javascript

Plain JavaScript AWS Signature v4 for use within Web Browsers

babel-npm-module-example - A boilerplate to start writing your NPM modules in ES6 using Babel.

  •    Javascript

A boilerplate to start writing your NPM modules in ES6 using Babel. Currently you can build this project either by running a gulp command or npm build command.

babel-brunch - Brunch plugin for Babel

  •    Javascript

Brunch plugin using Babel to turn latest ECMAScript standard code into vanilla ES5 with no runtime required.All the .js files in your project will be run through the babel compiler, except those it is configured to ignore, unless you use the pattern option.

array-map - `[].map(f)` for old browsers

  •    Javascript

Create a new array ys by applying f(xs[i], i, xs) to each element in xs at index i.

array-reduce - `[].reduce()` for old browsers

  •    Javascript

Create a result res by folding acc = f(acc, xs[i], i) over each element in the array xs at element i. If init is given, the first acc value is init, otherwise xs[0] is used.

regexpu - A source code transpiler that enables the use of ES2015 Unicode regular expressions in ES5

  •    Javascript

regexpu is a source code transpiler that enables the use of ES2015 Unicode regular expressions in JavaScript-of-today (ES5). It rewrites regular expressions that make use of the ES2015 u flag into equivalent ES5-compatible regular expressions.Here’s an online demo.

regexpu-core - regexpu’s core functionality, i

  •    Javascript

regexpu is a source code transpiler that enables the use of ES6 Unicode regular expressions in JavaScript-of-today (ES5).regexpu-core contains regexpu’s core functionality, i.e. rewritePattern(pattern, flag), which enables rewriting regular expressions that make use of the ES6 u flag into equivalent ES5-compatible regular expression patterns.

eslint-config-future - ESLint Shareable Config for ES5/ES6/ES7 Javascript

  •    Javascript

Most of these settings were based on best-practices widely followed within the Javascript community, as well as some Symfony2 PHP conventions that greatly enhance readability.All tests are ran against the examples/ directory.

node-shimify - browserify middleware to prepend es5-shim

  •    Javascript

Browserify middleware to prepend es5-shim so your browserified bundles work in old browsers.

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