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gulp-babel - Gulp plugin for Babel

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the Babel issue tracker.See the Babel options, except for sourceMap and filename which is handled for you.

core-decorators - Library of stage-0 JavaScript decorators (aka ES2016/ES7 decorators but not accurate) inspired by languages that come with built-ins like @​override, @​deprecate, @​autobind, @​mixin and more

  •    Javascript

Library of JavaScript stage-0 decorators (aka ES2016/ES7 decorators but that's not accurate) inspired by languages that come with built-ins like @​override, @​deprecate, @​autobind, @​mixin and more. Popular with React/Angular, but is framework agnostic. Similar to Annotations in Java but unlike Java annotations, decorators are functions which are applied at runtime. This can be consumed by any transpiler that supports stage-0 of the decorators spec, like babel.js version 5. Babel 6 does not yet support decorators natively, but you can include babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy or use the applyDecorators() helper.

core-js - Standard Library

  •    Javascript

It's documentation for the unstable core-js@3, if you looking documentation for core-js@2, please, check this branch. Modular standard library for JavaScript. Includes polyfills for ECMAScript 5, 2015, 2016, 2017: promises, symbols, collections, iterators, typed arrays, many other features, ECMAScript proposals, some cross-platform WHATWG / W3C ECMAScript-related features and proposals like setImmediate. You can load only required features or use it without global namespace pollution.

lodash-decorators - A collection of decorators using lodash at it's core.

  •    TypeScript

Decorators using lodash functions. View the API docs for more in depth documentation. This library requires Map and WeakMap to be available globally. If Map or WeakMap is not supported in your environment then use a polyfill.

language-babel - ES2017, flow, React JSX and GraphQL grammar and transpilation for ATOM

  •    CoffeeScript

Language grammar for all versions of JavaScript including ES2016 and ESNext, JSX syntax as used by Facebook React, Atom's etch and others, as well as optional typed JavaScript using Facebook flow. This package also supports highlighting of GraphQL language constructs when inside certain JavaScript template strings. For .graphql and .gql file support please see language-graphql . The colour of syntax is determined by the theme in use. By default the language-babel package will detect file types .js,.babel,.jsx, .es, .es6, .mjs and .flow. Use the standard ATOM interface to enable it for other file types. This provides a grammar that scopes the file in order to colour the text in a meaningful way. If other JavaScript grammars are enabled these may take precedence over language-babel. Look at the bottom right status bar indicator to determine the language grammar of a file being edited. language-babel will be shown as either Babel or Babel ES6 JavaScript. Clicking the name will allow the grammar for a file to be changed.

lodash-bound - Enables chained lodash functions with ES bind (::) syntax

  •    Javascript

babel-plugin-lodash and lodash-webpack-plugin introduced an optimizaion that includes only the used lodash methods in the compiled webpack file. So you can still import _ from 'lodash' without having the entire lodash library to load. However, chaining is not supported. _.chain(value).method() or _(value).method() will result in an (understandable) error.

babel-brunch - Brunch plugin for Babel

  •    Javascript

Brunch plugin using Babel to turn latest ECMAScript standard code into vanilla ES5 with no runtime required.All the .js files in your project will be run through the babel compiler, except those it is configured to ignore, unless you use the pattern option.

highlight-es - Highlight ECMAScript syntax for the console or any other medium.

  •    Javascript

Highlight ECMAScript syntax for the console or any other medium.is-es2016-keyword - Determine if string is an ES2016 keyword.

apr - this is like caolan/async which is like lodash but async, but awaitful

  •    Javascript

Collection of tools to manage control flow of/with Promises - inspired by caolan/async. Works with and without async/await. The lib itself only uses promises.

babel-preset-modern-node - Babel preset for modern node apps

  •    Javascript

Babel preset for building modern node apps with the least amount of transformations as possible. My focus has left the node ecosystem and also the awesome babel-team came up with babel-preset-env. So please do yourself a favor and switch over to babel-preset-env.

node-async-router - A zero-boilerplate solution for using ES7 async functions in Express and other middleware-based web frameworks

  •    Javascript

node-async-router is a wrapper around router that adds support for ES2016/ES7 async functions. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for Express' default router, as well as for other middleware-based frameworks. Requires node 8+ for async/await support, or something like Babel.

json-future - Modern JSON interface.

  •    Javascript

Modern JSON interface. propositions for ECMAScript 7. JSON Future is based into a set of cool libraries to handle JSON, but some of this libraries uses promises or callback style. This library adds an extra layer to call these libraries uniformly.

esnow - The FUTURE is now. Write future JavaScript now everywhere all the time in a snap!

  •    Javascript

This repo is not being maintained. I recommend you use budo instead. Write ES2015 for the browser, import Node packages with the ES2015 module syntax and generate separate source maps.

dragon - Hypothesis: What if Backbone were created today, with ES 6&7, Virtual DOM, etc?

  •    Javascript

What if Backbone were to be created today? What would the project look like? With ECMAScript 6 & 7, HTML5 pushState, Virtual DOM / Incremental DOM / etc., new ways of data-binding, etc., front-end development has evolved. This project sets out to see what such an evolution would look like from scratch. See the change log.

simd - ES7 (proposed) SIMD numeric type shim/polyfill

  •    Javascript

128-bit SIMD numeric value type ECMAScript straw man proposal. Nearly every word of this README and line of code and tests are taken directly from ecmascript_simd.

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