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bugsnag-laravel - Bugsnag notifier for the Laravel PHP framework. Monitor and report Laravel errors.

  •    PHP

The Bugsnag Notifier for Laravel gives you instant notification of errors and exceptions in your Laravel PHP applications. We support both Laravel and Lumen. Learn more about Laravel error reporting from Bugsnag. v1 of our Laravel package supports Laravel 4. You can find it on our 1.7 branch.

bugsnag-js - Javascript notifier for Bugsnag. Monitor and report JavaScript errors.

  •    Javascript

Automatically detect JavaScript errors on your website, get real-time error alerts and detailed diagnostic reports. Get cross-browser error detection and see errors grouped by browser, browser version, OS, and more. Learn more about JavaScript error reporting from Bugsnag. Use the following plugins and guides to integrate Bugsnag with various frameworks.

Simple but Cool Silverlight Message Boxes (Info, Error, Confirm, etc.)

  •    Silverlight

Simple but presentable message boxes for Silverlight developers. Designed for ease of integration with existing projects.

SharePoint Error Reporting


SharePoint Error Reporting set up a custom error page to provides error and debug information to the site administrator. No longer an Unexpected Error Has Occurred, or Unknown Error message. [Windows SharePoint Services]

Sedge: An Automated Error Reporting Tool


Sedge is a highly customizable tool designed to help your customers create error reports. The reports can include log files, data files, system information, screenshots or any user's files.

bugsnag-php - Bugsnag error monitoring and error reporting for PHP apps

  •    PHP

The Bugsnag error reporter for PHP gives you instant notification of errors and exceptions in your PHP applications. Learn more about automatic PHP error reporting with Bugsnag. Includes error monitoring and error reporting support for Laravel, Lumen, Symfony, Silex, Magento, Zend Framework, Code Igniter, Wordpress, and other PHP apps.

bugsnag-react-native - Error monitoring and reporting for native exceptions and JS errors in React Native apps

  •    Javascript

Automatic React Native crash reporting with Bugsnag helps you detect both native OS and JavaScript errors in your React Native apps. All contributors are welcome! For information on how to build, test and release bugsnag-react-native, see our contributing guide.

SeriousCode - This header file enforces Clang warnings to bu turned-on for specific flags (almost everyone, at least each one I was able to find)

  •    Objective-C

This header file enforces Clang warnings to be turned-on for specific flags (almost everyone, at least each one I was able to find from the LLVM/Clang sources). When including it, every little code mistake, possibly undefined behavior, every pedantic warning, etc., will turn in a compiler fatal error.

gobrake - Airbrake notifier for Golang

  •    Go

You can use glog fork to send your logs to Airbrake.

phpbrake - The official Airbrake PHP error notifier

  •    PHP

The version of your application that you can pass to differentiate exceptions between multiple versions. It's not set by default.

make-error-cause - Make your own nested errors

  •    TypeScript

Make your own nested errors. Inspired by verror, and others, but created lighter and without core dependencies for browser usage.

wp404 - Get in-depth information about the 404 errors that occur on your WordPress site.

  •    PHP

WP404 is meant to be a developer's best friend when tracking down vague or hard-to-reproduce 404 errors reported by clients or visitors. By hooking into the template_redirect action, WP404 can collect as much (or as little) information about the request as you'd like and save it to your error logs, enabling you to get all sorts of information about the request. Once WP404 starts collecting information about a 404 error, it passes its report through the wp404_report_data filter. Once all hooked callbacks are run, the $report array is converted to JSON and written to the logs.

echosentry - A sentry (raven-go) middleware for echo micro web framework

  •    Go

A sentry (raven-go) middleware for echo (v2) micro web framework. By default, the middleware logs the HTTP context and sends it along with the stacktrace, this adds info about the user's browser, URL, OS, device, interface_type ..etc.

react-error-guard - ⚛️An overlay for displaying stack frames based on create-react-app/packages/react-error-overlay

  •    Javascript

Firs install the package with yarn add react-error-guard (or npm i --save). Then you can consume the component like bellow. ℹ️ Notice: This component right now is only compatible with React 16. But there are plans to support React 15 but much more limited version, unstable_handleError.

codespan - Utilities for dealing with source code locations and pretty diagnostic formatting

  •    Rust

Utilities for dealing with source code locations. In the future we would also like to make it easy for language developers to set up language server protocols and interface with browser-embedded editors like Ace or Monaco.

laravel-log-enhancer - Make debugging easier by adding more data to your laravel logs (Laravel 5.6+)

  •    PHP

Laravel's logging system helps a lot for storing data as well as while troubleshooting some hidden bugs. The data related to the exception automatically gets logged whenever something goes wrong. Note: For Laravel 5.5, you may use Slack Error Notifier package.

slack-error-notifier - Send a message to a Slack channel when an error occurs in your Laravel Application (Laravel 5

  •    PHP

If you can't use Bugsnag or Sentry for monitoring your production Laravel application, here is a really simple solution to get notified when anything goes wrong. This is a plug-and-play Laravel package to send a message to a Slack channel via an Incoming WebHook when error/exception occurs in your application.

emperror - The Emperor takes care of all errors personally

  •    Go

The Emperor takes care of all errors personally. Go's philosophy encourages to gracefully handle errors whenever possible, but some times recovering from an error is not possible.

nodejs-error-reporting - Node

  •    TypeScript

Node.js idiomatic client for Error Reporting. Stackdriver Error Reporting aggregates and displays errors produced in your running cloud services.

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