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serialize-error - Serialize an error into a plain object

  •    Javascript

Useful if you for example need to JSON.stringify() or process.send() the error.

notify-error - send an error notification

  •    Javascript

Shows a desktop notification for an error message.If no message is specified, no alert will be shown.

strip-chromium-logs - strips chromium logs from a stream

  •    Javascript

Strips Chromium logs from a stream, mainly useful for cleaning up Electron's process.stderr stream.Returns a duplexer stream which ignores Chromium-looking logs (which can span several lines) but allows other lines to pass through.

ensure-error - Ensures a value is a valid error by making it one if not

  •    Javascript

Pass it any value and you're are guaranteed to get back an Error with name, message, and stack properties.Can be useful when you don't control all the places an error can be thrown or rejected. A user could for example throw a string or an error without a stack property.

error-dialog - Display an error in a GUI dialog

  •    Javascript

macOS only, but pull request welcome for Linux and Windows support.Returns a Promise.

extract-stack - Extract the actual stack of an error

  •    Javascript

It gracefully handles cases where the stack is undefined or empty and returns an empty string.Returns the actual stack part of the error stack.

clean-stack - Clean up error stack traces

  •    Javascript

Removes the mostly unhelpful internal Node.js entries.Also works in Electron.

results - Discriminated Unions including Maybe (an option type) and Result for javascript with fewer bugs

  •    Javascript

Results is a tiny library bringing Discriminated Unions (aka Sum Types or Algebraic Types) to JavaScript, with match for better program flow control. Results ships with full-featured Maybe (sometimes called an Option Type) and Result unions built-in, helping you safely deal with optional data and error handling.

exception - Better error's for people who run node in production

  •    Javascript

git: When it detects that your application runs from git repository it will automatically include the sha1, branch and even it's configuration in the output. process: Useful information like load average, uptime, free memory, heap size, process id and even the build information of your node process are included.

js-err-code - Create error instances with a code

  •    Javascript

Create new error instances with a code and additional properties. The browser file is named index.umd.js which supports CommonJS, AMD and globals (errCode).

karma-go - Everything has a reason.

  •    Go

karma has contexts support, which allows to add arbitrary key-value fields to the error to ease debug. This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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