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system-bus-radio - Transmits AM radio on computers without radio transmitting hardware.

  •    C

This program transmits radio on computers / phones without radio transmitting hardware. Some computers are intentionally disconnected from the rest of the world. This includes having their internet, wireless, bluetooth, USB, external file storage and audio capabilities removed. This is called "air gapping". Even in such a situation, this program can transmit radio.



This is a little utility to help with Job changes in FFXIV.

ReadyResponder - Local Incident Management System - This is used for tracking resources for Local Emergency Management

  •    Ruby

The project was inspired by Sandi Metz's call for programmers to aid their communities. This project, in particular, looks to lessons learned in response to emergencies that inspired the National ICS program. It has often been found that there are plentiful equipment and personnel, but not the organization to know what was available nor the ability to manage it. The goal of Ready Responder is to offer volunteer groups a program that allows them to track their resources and personnel, especially during emergencies or multi-day events. This application might be used by volunteer firefighters, auxiliary police, Medical Reserve Corp (MRC), CERT organizations, amateur radio operators (ARES/RACES), church based relief groups, shelter managers or even science-fiction conventions.

farmOS - farmOS: A web-based farm record keeping application.

  •    PHP

A web-based farm record keeping application. farmOS is a built on top of Drupal. It packages Drupal core along with a set of modules and configuration to create a flexible and extensible farm management interface.