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readme2tex - Renders TeXy Math for Github Readmes

  •    Python

Make sure that pdflatex is installed on your system. readme2tex is a Python script that "texifies" your readme. It takes in Github Markdown and replaces anything enclosed between dollar signs with rendered .

Ascend - ASCEND modelling environment

  •    C

ASCEND is an interactive environment for modeling, debugging, and solving large systems of nonlinear algebraic or differential equations. Oriented towards chemical engineering applications, it includes the largest open-source thermodynamic properties database. Its interactive design allows users to inspect and solve very difficult nonlinear systems. It includes plotting abilities and is scriptable.

Online Math Calculator


This is an Online Math Calculator. What this does is take your equation in the usual form and convert every variable to x, y, and every constant to a, b, c, d, e, etc... use wolfram|alpha and then convert back to the input format. This allows to input most equations.

KAS - A lightweight JavaScript CAS for comparing expressions and equations.

  •    Javascript

A lightweight JavaScript CAS for comparing expressions and equations. It is used throughout Khan Academy's interactive exercises.

durand-kerner - Finds roots of polynomials by Weierstrauss' method

  •    Javascript

Finds all the roots of a polynomial by Weierstrass' method (or known in Abramowitz&Stegun as the Durand-Kerner method). This is basically a generalization of Newton's method that works for multiple roots.Finds the roots of a polynomial whose real coefficients are given by r_coeff and imaginary coefficients by i_coeff.

integrate - Some numerical integrators for ordinary differential equations

  •    Javascript

Want one that's not there? Open an issue, or better yet, a pull request adding it. All of the methods are hand-written in asm.js, so they should be fast. Not that your integration method would ever be your bottleneck anyway, but hey... why not.

js-solver - Intuitive system for general algebraic equation solving

  •    Javascript

##notes: The equations are evaled, so be aware of that. Also I used with(Math) to get the math stuff to eval... yeah...

mathmode - Turns LaTeX math mode expressions into images

  •    Javascript

This node.js module turns LaTeX math mode expressions into images. I have no idea how to do any of this on Windows or if this package will even work at all in that environment. If you do know how to use Windows, please open an issue/pull request with a fix.

eqn - A gem to evaluate mathematical equations.

  •    Ruby

Eqn uses the Treetop parser generator to safely evaluate mathematical expressions in Ruby.

Equation - Solve Math expressions, create equations, define operators and constants

  •    Javascript

Solve math expressions or create equations for repeated and complex Math tasks. To use in browser, download equation.min.js.

math-api - Put LaTeX Math equation on everywhere as <img> tag.

  •    HTML

Place LaTeX Math equation on anywhere as <img> tag. URL ends with .svg extension will be treated as a normal math formula.

UltimateCalculator - Basic Scientific Calculator (math-calculation-equation-unit-converter-unitconverter-advanced-mathematics-math-number)

  •    Java

This software has four major modes- Simple, Scientific, Base & Equation. It also has Unit Converter, Date Calculator & Prime Number Hunter. Ultimate Calculator is licensed under MIT License.

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