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enzyme - JavaScript Testing utilities for React

  •    Javascript

Enzyme is a JavaScript Testing utility for React that makes it easier to assert, manipulate, and traverse your React Components' output.Enzyme's API is meant to be intuitive and flexible by mimicking jQuery's API for DOM manipulation and traversal.

react-fake-props - 🔮 Simple utility to magically generate fake props for your React tests

  •    Javascript

react-fake-props parses your Component prop types using react-docgen and generates fake props. Supports Flow and PropTypes. Works great with Jest snapshots and Enzyme.To include optional props, pass { optional: true }.

jest-serializer-enzyme - A snapshot serializer for Jest+Enzyme.

  •    Javascript

More about Jest's snapshotSerializer config here.

enzyme-v3-and-react-16 - Example of how to setup React 16, Enzyme 3 and Jest 21

  •    Javascript

Example of how to setup React 16, Enzyme 3 and Jest 21

ReactionDecoder - Reaction Decoder Tool (RDT)

  •    HTML

a) You could [download the latest RDT] (https://github.com/asad/ReactionDecoder/releases) release version from the github. RDT is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.

redux-form-test - Shows how to do unit tests and integration tests with Redux-Form

  •    Javascript

This project shows how to do unit and integrations tests with Redux-Form. This project now uses redux-form version 6. To see test examples for redux-form 5, see this tag: redux-form-5.

generator-react-webpack-scaffold - A Yeoman generator that scaffolds React application with Webpack.

  •    Javascript

A Yeoman generator that scaffolds React project with Webpack, Karma and more useful tools for you to write React application and unit tests. That's it! Now you have a fully functional React project.

esri-redux - Simple boilerplate demonstrating how to setup a project using React, Redux, Flow, and the Esri JavaScript API

  •    Javascript

Simple boilerplate demonstrating how to setup a project using React, Redux, Flow (if wanted), Jest, and the Esri JavaScript API. Demo available at https://robert-w.github.io/esri-redux/. Starts the babel-cli, watches your html and sass files for changes, and starts an express dev server with hot module replacement enabled.

snapshotter - Snapshot testing for Tape/Enzyme projects

  •    Javascript

Snapshot testing is a compelling feature but sometimes it isn't possible to port large projects to tools like Jest. Snapshotter is designed to work within an existing Tape/Enzyme setup while providing some basic snapshot functionality. Create a snapshots folder (e.g. mkdir test/snapshots) and add it to package.json. If you do not specify a folder, Snapshotter will default to test/snapshots.

jest-dashboard - Command Line Dashboard for Jest

  •    Javascript

While that is helpful, it can get quite hard to parse through the noise. The jest-dashboard simplifies this.

astraea - TypeScript + React + Redux Boilerplate

  •    TypeScript

This is a boilerplate project for developing a mid to large scale client-side application(s) using TypeScript, React, and Redux. For an example project, visit the example branch. Rather than group items by things like components/reducers/actions/etc., items are grouped by domain which can be a saner option as the project grows. Examples of domains can be things like resources (ex. blog/, users/) or other things. (ex. ui/) Domains may include things like components, actions, reducer, etc. but they don’t have to include all of them. In fact, you can think of app/ and common/ as domains. Other files may be present as well.

react-testing-demo - A tutorial of testing React components

  •    Javascript

This repo shows you how to test React component. It is loosely based on Jack Franklin's article "Testing React Applications". Now, you visit, and should see a Todo app.

react-current-weather - :sun_with_face: weather info powered by react & redux

  •    Javascript

Gets current weather information of cities around the world. Powered by React and Redux. This is an over-engineered toy project. The APIs being used to get weather and cities' photographs may retrieve inaccurate (and funny!) results.

react-module-boilerplate - Sample React presentational components package.

  •    Javascript

Sample React components package. Showcase and document techniques and glued tools to build and maintain either single component or UI systems packages. Strive for keeping things simple and efficient.

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