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environ - Library for managing environment variables in Clojure

Environ is a Clojure library for managing environment settings from a number of different sources. It works well for applications following the 12 Factor App pattern. The first two sources are set by the lein-environ and boot-environ plugins respectively, and should not be edited manually.

env - A KISS way to deal with environment variables in Go.

A KISS way to deal with environment variables in Go. At first, it was boring for me to write down an entire function just to get some var from the environment and default to another in case it's missing.

envkey-node - EnvKey's official Node.js client library

Integrate EnvKey with your Node.js projects to keep api keys, credentials, and other configuration securely and automatically in sync for developers and servers.Generate an ENVKEY in the EnvKey App. Then set ENVKEY=..., either in a gitignored .env file in the root of your project (in development) or in an environment variable (on servers).

envkey-source - Set OS-level shell environment variables with EnvKey

Integrate EnvKey with any language, either in development or on a server, by making your configuration available through the shell as environment variables.envkey-source compiles into a simple static binary with no dependencies, which makes installation a simple matter of fetching the right binary for your platform and putting it in your PATH. An install.sh script is available to simplify this.

now-env - Use `now.json` environment variables while developing

With the help of this package, you can easily set environment variables for the use in development.If you're already using a now.json file or the now key in package.json, the env sub property will be assigned to process.env automatically.

config - A configuration library for Go that parses environment variables, JSON files, and reloads automatically on SIGHUP

A small configuration library for Go that parses environment variables, JSON files, and reloads automatically on SIGHUP. Constructor that initializes a Config object and sets up the SIGHUP watcher.

env-dot-prop - ♻️ Get, set, or delete nested properties of process.env using a dot path

This package aim to let you access to your environment variables as if they were JavaScript object. See this guide to understand how to use this package to create a 12 Factor compliant configuration system for you app.Returns the values of env keys at the path specified.

argv-set-env - Set environment variables in npm scripts

Use in your config files to set environment variables cross-platform.Which in the case of build would set NODE_ENV to the string 'production' and in the case of test it would set NODE_ENV to the string 'test' and COVERAGE to the boolean true.

envdecode - Go package for populating structs from environment variables using struct tags

envdecode is a Go package for populating structs from environment variables. envdecode uses struct tags to map environment variables to fields, allowing you you use any names you want for environment variables. envdecode will recurse into nested structs, including pointers to nested structs, but it will not allocate new pointers to structs.

gconfigs - gConfigs - Config and Secret parser

This is experimental, so you know, use at your own risk. These are the preferred methods to install gConfigs.


Provides basic API for declaring and retrieving environment variables in Jenkins builds. Starting from 1.25 this library is provided via in the EnvInject API Plugin and should not be used as a direct dependency in Jenkins plugins. The library guarantees backward compatibility of API and does not contribute any user-visible components by default.


This plugin makes it possible to setup a custom environment for your jobs.

emacs-direnv - direnv integration for emacs

this package provides direnv integration for emacs. it works by invoking direnv to obtain the environment for the current file, then updating the emacs variables process-environment and exec-path.

dotenv_sekrets - Seamlessly encrypt/decrypt/edit your rails Dotenv files with the help of the Sekrets gem

This gem makes the dotenv gem cooperate nicely with the sekrets gem in order to allow encrypted .env files in your Rails application. Config files with private tokens, passwords and secrets should not be committed in source-control for security reasons, unless they're encrypted: here it comes DotenvSekrets to the rescue.

wrench - 🔧 Elegant configuration for a more civilized age

In addition to environment variables, for local development, wrench reads from dev-config.edn. Add [wrench "0.2.3"] to the dependency section in your project.clj file.