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SSIS Foreach Folder Enumerator


The SSIS Foreach Folder Enumerator allows you to get older folders instead of files. And it also has a sort option (date, name or path).

Enum Utilities Library

  •    DotNet

The Enum Utilities Library provides a collection of utility methods and classes to operate on regular enums and flag enums. Features include: * Bit shifting enums * Generating Bitmasks * LINQ queries against enums * Testing flag enums * Enum Extension methods * And more!

joii - Javascript Object Inheritance Implementation

  •    Javascript

JOII (short for JavaScript Object Inheritance Implementation) brings class- based programming to JavaScript without the use of a compiler. Everything is done using native JavaScript. JOII allows you to build your applications using Classes and Interfaces as you would in most other object oriented languages. JOII is built with the priciple of being compatible with any browser on the market. Therefore, JOII is supported by Internet Explorer 5.5 and anything that came after that. In node environments, JOII no longer exposes anything to the global scope. This means that functions like Class, Interface and Enum are no longer directly available by default. If you want to keep this behavior, use the useGlobal() function when requiring JOII.

enumz - One enum type class to rule them all

  •    Scala

One enum type class to rule them all. With a type class.

enumerators - Finite lazy enumerators in OCaml

  •    OCaml

The enumerators library enables you to work with large sequences of elements. Let's assume you want to scan ports of a few hosts on your network. Your first task is to enumerate those ports. Naturally, as the list can grow big, you don't want to have them all in memory at the same time. This is were this library comes into play.