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string.js - Extra JavaScript string methods.

  •    Javascript

string.js, or simply S is a lightweight (< 5 kb minified and gzipped) JavaScript library for the browser or for Node.js that provides extra String methods. Originally, it modified the String prototype. But I quickly learned that in JavaScript, this is considered poor practice.Personally, I prefer the cleanliness of the way code looks when it appears to be native methods. i.e. when you modify native JavaScript prototypes. However, if any app dependency required string.js, then the app's string prototype would be modified in every module. This could be troublesome. So I settled on creating a wrapper a la jQuery style. For those of you prototype hatin' fools, there is the method extendPrototype().

goworld - Scalable Distributed Game Server Engine with Hot Swapping in Golang

  •    Go

GoWorld server adopts an entity framework, in which entities represent all players, monsters, NPCs. Entities in the same space can visit each other directly by calling methods or access attributes. Entities in different spaces can call each over using RPC.A GoWorld server consists of one dispatcher, one or more games and one or more gates. The gates are responsible for handling client connections and receive/send packets from/to clients. The games manages all entities and runs all game logic. The dispatcher is responsible for redirecting packets among games and between games and gates.

Entity Visualizers


This project has debugger visualizers for several objects in the Entity Framework: EntityObject, EntityCollection, ObjectQuery and ObjectContext. Some of the source code is based on code from Julie Lerman's book "Programming Entity Framework".

nano-ecs - :small_blue_diamond: A nano-sized Entity-Component-System library.

  •    Javascript

A nano-sized entity-component-system module.nano-ecs is not a big bloated game engine framework, but rather a small focused module that does one thing well: creating and managing a set of entities and their components.

node-ent - Encode and decode HTML entities

  •    Javascript

Escape unsafe characters in str with html entities.By default, entities are encoded with numeric decimal codes.

html-escaper - A module to escape/unescape common problematic entities done the right way.

  •    HTML

A simple module to escape/unescape common problematic entities. This package is available in npm so npm install html-escaper is all you need to do, using eventually the global flag too.

jsxml - utilities for parsing and working with jsonml in array form

  •    Javascript

JavaScript utilities for parsing and working xml, mainly in jsonml in array form.

unescape - Convert HTML entities to HTML characters, e.g. `&gt;` => `>`.

  •    Javascript

Convert HTML entities to HTML characters, e.g. &gt; converts to >. For performance, this library only handles the following common entities (split into groups for backward compatibility).

tweet-baker - [UNMAINTAINED] Bake Twitter entities into your tweets; turning text plus entities into beautiful, customisable HTML

  •    Javascript

Bake tweet entities into your tweets; turning text plus entities into beautiful, customisable HTML. Useful when you're interacting with the Twitter API. ‼️ NOTE: This project is no longer being maintained. If you're interested in taking over maintenance of this repo, please contact me.

stringify-entities - Encode HTML character references and character entities

  •    Javascript

Encode HTML character references and character entities. By default, all dangerous, non-ASCII, or non-printable ASCII characters are encoded. A subset of characters can be given to encode just those characters. Alternatively, pass escapeOnly to escape just the dangerous characters (", ', <, >, &, `). By default, numeric entities are used. Pass useNamedReferences to use named entities when possible, or useShortestReferences to use them if that results in less bytes.

node-htmlstrip-native - Nodejs module for stripping html tags

  •    C++

Same thing can be achieved really simply without native modules with htmlparser2 for example. This module is ~30 times faster than using htmlparser2.

tiny-ecs - A mean lean Entity-Component-System library.

  •    Javascript

A mean lean Entity-Component-System library. TinyECS is not a ready-to-go game engine framework, it is a small library of some very performance critical pieces and common utility classes that can be used to make a game from scratch.

node-html-entities - Faster html entities library

  •    Javascript

Fast html entities library. HTML validity and XSS attack prevention you can achieve from XmlEntities class.

pachyderm - Virtual actors for elixir

  •    Elixir

Immortal actors for many machines. NOTE: if you retry this example in a new iex session the counter will remember previous state.