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sharkey - Sharkey is a service for managing certificates for use by OpenSSH

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Sharkey is a service for managing certificates for use by OpenSSH.Sharkey has a client component and a server component. The server is responsible for issuing signed host certificates, the client is responsible for installing host certificates on machines. Sharkey builds on the trust relationships of your existing X.509 PKI to manage trusted SSH certificates. Existing X.509 certificates can be minted into SSH certificates, so you don't have to maintain two separate PKI hierarchies.

distro - START HERE! This is the Foswiki project "Distribution"

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Script examples below are for bash shell. At this point, if you point your browser to your foswiki url, it should "just work", but will display a bootstrap warning at the top of the configuration. To fully configure foswiki, visit the bin/configure URL, resolve any warnings and errors, and save the configuration. Caution: Once you save the configuration, you will be unable to use configure again unless you have registered and granted yourself "Adimin" authority. You can control who can use configure by setting Security and Authentication -> Access Control {ConfigureFilter}. When that option is set, it replaces the check for Admin authority and can allow any user including the guest user to use configure. So use caution!.

fnordcredit - 💰 Open source credit system.

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Innovative, easy to use credit system for multiple users that comes with an intuitive design: Create an account and charge or discharge your credit. fnordcredit is written in Javascript/Node.js/react/knex.