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node-imaginary - Minimalist node.js command-line & programmatic API client for imaginary

  •    Javascript

Minimalist node.js CLI & programmatic stream capable interface for imaginary server.Supports multiple image operations such as resize, crop, zoom, watermark, rotate... and both local and remote URL based image source processing, and additionally provides a simple balancing feature to use multiple imaginary servers.

minimal-lightbox - A minimal Medium

  •    Javascript

When including this library as an external script tag (instead of with a module system like browserify or webpack) it exposes a global minimalLightbox as the main export. You can use that to programmatically bind elements to be zoomable. This module is dependent on classes/styles to produce the lightbox effect, so your mileage may vary on certain older browsers.

smilla-enlarger - QT5 port of Smilla Enlarger

  •    C++

One fascinating aspect of analogue photography is, that by means of an Enlarger, you can pick an interesting part of your photo and blow it up to poster size. Whereas zooming into a digital photo just leads to a bunch of colored blocks. You choose an image file, pick a rectangle and decide how big the result should be (by scaling factor or by giving width or height of the result), then you press 'Enlarge & Save' and get an enlarged image with smooth curves instead of blocks, where edges in the original stay (more or less) unblurred edges in the result.

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