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calcflow - A virtual reality tool for mathematical modeling!

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Today, the most common tool for complex maths visualization in the classroom is the TI-84+. Scientists, researchers, and other professionals who implement calculus in their work may rely on more complex toolkits like MATLAB. Though these tools offer broader functionality, they are similarly if not more unintuitive than their handheld counterparts. Visualization plays a crucial role in understanding, mastering, and improving upon mathematical concepts, but today's standard interfaces frustrate and alienate many individuals, creating an excessively high barrier of entry to higher level math studies. Calcflow shatters this interfacial bottleneck by enabling users to interact directly with complex equations in physical space. Users can manipulate inputs and parameters and observe changes to 3D visualizations in realtime.

seja-um-guia-front - Instruções e detalhes sobre ser um Frontend Engineer no Guiabolso


Aqui no Guiabolso trabalhamos em duplas. Nosso time é multidisciplinar, com foco no produto e na evolução tecnológica dos nossos sistemas.Em um ambiente descontraído, prezamos pela qualidade e participação ativa dos desenvolvedores na construção da nossa plataforma. Temos um carinho especial pelo usuário, direcionando nossas decisões pela experiência e fazendo constantes ajustes para alinhar os nossos sistemas com as necessidades do mercado.

professional-programming - A collection of full-stack resources for programmers.

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A collection of full-stack resources for programmers. The goal of this page is to make you a more proficient developer. You'll find only resources that I've found truly inspiring, or that have been become timeless classics.

dylanninin.github.com - Personal blog powered by GitHub Pages

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0.3.0 - stable and versioned using semantic versioning. NOTE: 0.3.0 introduces a new theme which is not backwards compatible in the sense it won't look like the old version. However, the actual API has not changed at all. You might want to run 0.3.0 in a branch to make sure you are ok with the theme design changes.

awesome-libraries - :sunglasses: Libraries that are being shown in Sourcerer profiles.

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Sourcerer is looking to understand engineer's work from source code, and connect engineers via expertise. An important part of our effort is analysis of library use. This repository maintains list of libraries that Sourcerer recognizes. If you have a minute, please make a PR that adds your favorite libraries. Our community will appreciate it. Sourcerer analyses commits in a variety of ways. It detects programming languages, uses various heuristics to discover interesting facts about an engineer, looks into team work, and so on. What Sourcerer finds can be easily seen in a Sourcerer profile, for example https://sourcerer.io/adnanrahic or https://sourcerer.io/sergey . A big part of what Sourcerer does is library analysis. For every line of code that Sourcerer looks at, it runs a machine learning algorithm that detects if this line uses any particular library. It allows to present library stats, but it also tells Sourcerer a lot about the purpose of the code. For instance, if it sees you you use node.js a lot, you probably do web developemnt work. Similarly, tensorflow use points to neural networks, etc.

WeAreHiring - We stand for the craftsmanship in software development and We Are Hiring


We are hiring. Be the person stands behind all the cool products. Our mission is to Empower the next innovations. At Dwarves, we unleash the next technopreneur generation by nurturing your career path with our innovative and globalizing working environment.

careers - Wanna be a Knoxstar? We are Hiring!


We have built some Microservices, Device Farms (Android & iOS) & IDE Plugins with Python/Django, Node, Java, Ember to help developers and enterprises to automatically detect and fix security loopholes in their Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) / IoT Apps within a few minutes. Before you wonder: No, you need not know anything at all about security to apply for tech positions in Appknox. We have expericed security professionals on-board who will give us scripts to detect vulnerabilities. Our job is to refine it and integrate it with the whole system. Only requirement to apply for Appknox is to know how to write good code. Our tech team is close-knit family of handful of developers. But the size of company is about 25+ people strong (security, sales, marketing, design & other teams). The tech team intentionally tried being as small as possible for as long as possible. Because we love to do as much work as we can - on our own. Only hire when we can no longer handle things on our own. It gives you a lot of oppurtunity to learn a lot of things.

challenge - Different challenges, try them all if you like!


We always looking for talent. is always interseted in our team.

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